50 Cent – United Nations

In support of his latest mixtape release, 5 (Murder by Numbers), Curtis returns today to drop off a coinciding clip for "United Nations." The rather simplistic footage notes 50 in a desert setting, showing off his ride as well as his jewelry. Enjoy it above and if you haven't yet, you can grab 5 (Murder by Numbers) here. Product placement, anyone?

By: Jonathan Sawyer / Music Videos / November 21, 2012 / 1703 Views
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  • http://twitter.com/fuckets_of_rain Ty Findlay

    50 cents Beats by Dre right?

  • TheDoctor

    With all the money 50 has he needs to find a video director/producer that's at least on par with the guy who makes Mac Miller's video's. This looks like a local rapper's video.

  • asapqoob

    so cheaply. good old fif whereRU?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=589277106 Wesley Satterwhite

    Come on 50....

  • Jimmy

    Blue Diamond LeBron Xs FTW!

  • freedomcamemyway

    seems like he's only advertising his new headphone line...

  • MarkkuMattila

    Looks like this was done after chief keef didn't show up to his music video shooting.

  • http://tienesqueescucharesto.blogspot.com Manuel Quirant

    It's a shame that he didn't get away from music after Kanye's agreement...