2012 American Music Awards Performances

Some of music's biggest names hit Los Angeles on Sunday night for the 2012 American Music Awards. The event celebrated acts like Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj, as well as the show's 40-year history. However, it was all about JB, whose presence was felt throughout the entire show, taking home several prizes including the show's top award: artist of the year. Nicki Minaj also was a multiple winner, taking awards for favorite rap/hip-hop album for Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded and favorite rap/hip-hop artist. She and Rihanna went into the ceremony with the most nominations – four each. Rihanna, who was on tour and did not attend, won an award for favorite soul/R&B album for Talk That Talk.

The night's performances were nothing short of spectacular. Usher kicked off the night of performances with his Looking 4 Myself medleys featuring "Numb," "Can't Stop Won't Stop" and "Climax." Nicki Minaj, Swizz Beatz, Chris Brown and Ludacris also turned in great live sets much to the joy of the attending audience, but it was PSY who stole the show. The Korean artist closed the show with a performance of his viral sensation “Gangnam Style,” and was joined on stage by surprise guest MC Hammer. Watch the frenzy unfold below.

PSY (With Special Guest MC Hammer) - Gangnam Style (Live 2012 American Music Awards)

Justin Bieber x Nicki Minaj - As Long As You Love Me/Beauty And A Beat (Live 2012 American Music Awards)

Nicki Minaj - Freedom (Live 2012 American Music Awards)

Swizz Beatz, Chris Brown & Ludacris - Everyday Birthday (Live 2012 American Music Awards)

Usher - Medley (Live 2012 American Music Award)

By: Petar Kujundzic / Live / November 19, 2012 / 3424 Views
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  • roger

    i could easily see PSY becoming the next kanye west. he's go that hunger in him.

  • morrissey

    damn PSY dancing like there's no tomorrow

  • thefuckman

    How is Gangnam still relevant? smh fuck sakes

  • badpopcodotuk

    "also own the broadcast"?

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  • Aficion

    This show was one of the greatest celebrations of pre-pubescent teenagers looking like clowns and singing music they don't understand that I've ever seen. It's important we keep supporting these kids. If we, as adults (ie - over the age of 17), start listening to adult music, these poor souls will end up wandering the streets, hanging out in pool halls and smoking. :(

  • http://www.facebook.com/gnutgrass Garrett Nutgrass

    Thank god I can watch these absolutely BREATHTAKING performances over and over and over and over and over.

  • someonepleaseslapthisnigaa


  • svks

    Dude will fade away in a couple months, you'll see

  • Who?

    I don't know about all that. I think if he works hard and has a worthy follow up to Gangnam style he'll do well.