The Weeknd – Wicked Games

After just earlier dropping off the tracklist to his forthcoming, much-anticipated Trilogy compilation, The Weeknd now returns with a new aesthetic release. Again, Abel and company go with a dark and somewhat mysterious overall vibe for this fresh set, coinciding with his "Wicked Games" track. The black and white footage highlights the ever-popular crooner as well as a scantily clad female. To check it out, simply press play below. The Weeknd's Trilogy hits on November 13.

By: Jonathan Sawyer / Video / October 18, 2012 / 6426 Views
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  • P

    song deserved a better video

  • Kanye East

    it captured the depravity of the character in the song, somewhat. would've liked to see the woman's silhouette shed that coat halfway through.

  • 808

    fire the director



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  • Bad Ass Alert

    what art school did you go to ?

  • Chuck

    I Dont Like The change they made to the Beat and the rhythm.

  • menghif

    what's with the hair?! haha

  • buc

    dude looks fucked

  • asdofij

    The unofficial? video was better.

  • dickaround

    Get off the internet and make my coffee.


    its the same rhythm sooo

  • tigerbluud


  • tigerbluud

    damn i thought that was a LR Defender at first.

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  • Anon2.0

    me? well, i'm just a jaded internet fuck like yourself whose opinion, apparently, makes others catch feelings. cheers, brother.

  • Anon2.0

    your life is irrelevant.

  • yurrp

    i really dont like this mastered version.. shouldve kept the old drums

  • Daniel Zmistowski


  • Jabjal

    The Weeknd is quite odd looking when he isn't in a stationary position.

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  • fuckallyall

    dude looks like he's off some opiates or some shit.. dem eyelids.


    older version was way better

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  • shapes

    wtf is up with his hexagon face.

  • damn

    he's a dusty nigga