The Weeknd – Rolling Stone

With his upcoming album Trilogy set to drop next month, The Weeknd brings forth some new visuals for his track "Rolling Stone." The track was originally housed on his Thursday mixtape, and now the tune new gets some black-and-white visuals showcasing the Tornoto-based crooner seated as he performs the single. Check out the video up above, and be sure to mark your calendars as Trilogy is set to release November 13. Pre-orders for the album are available now by clicking here, where you can also get your first look at the album's cover art.

By: Richard Brooks / Video / October 3, 2012 / 7303 Views
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  • yesnoyes

    pleas remind this dude there's only one Maxwell.

  • youngnigga

    nigga your old

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  • MR. I Don’t Like ♛

    Not available in my region :(

  • TO


  • Joel Unforgivable Harris

    I wish this video offered more visuals.. I love the weekend, and this is one of my favorite songs, but dude is in a couch for 3 minuets..

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  • Persell Merson Hypetrak you need to eff with this.. my boys movement are starting to make noise...


    Did this nigga just compare Abel to Maxwell? Kill yourself..

  • 6

    Know that The Weeknd is subtle and so is this video. It's not just him sitting there singing. Notice the girl's clothing disappear throughout the song which can easily be overlooked because of his engaging voice and camera work.

    Also if you know this song or listen to the lyrics then you probably noticed the sterlile facial expressions and know why they are like that. He simply wants you to listen and listen only.
    Hence why the simple video.

    Nothing big, but a nice video. Very curious about those upcoming bonus tracks.

  • fresh

    why is he wearing pearl earrings?

  • still_ill

    love the shout out but you gotta spell my city's name correctly: T O R O N T O

  • craezilla

    subtlety is cool and all. i mean it works for this song but i expected much more from the only to videos he has put out. shit do something different. make a short film with your first mixtape as the sound track.

  • Bob Sagat

    i agree. the simple instrumental backs up your point about him wanting you to just listen.

  • brvhbrvh

    i can tell many of you aren't weeknd fans... this video was simple and to the point... this was his way of showing who he is and what he is about... he's only posted abstract visuals, blurred out pictures of himself... ace work on his part, can't wait for the trilogy...

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  • Ben Grant

    just looks really sad.

  • Shania Twine

    Nigga, go back to school! ;) Toodles bitch!

  • Shania Twine

    Yup he just did, even though it is a VALID comparison, Abel is still a good singer. So why don't you go back to listening to Lady Caca! ;) Toodles Bitch!

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