MTV This Is How I Made It: 2 Chainz

There is no denying that 2 Chainz has had an overly successful year so far. For the inaugural episode of MTV's This Is How I Made It, the Atlanta native takes a retrospective turn and delves into his roots, his year-long friendship with Lil Wayne, as well as his personal evaluation of his rise to fame:

"Man, this has been an amazing year," he said. "I can't describe what this has been like. Going from a member of a group with a situation that didn't really allow my full talents to be displayed to sharing the stage, records and videos with people considered the best in the industry. It's a dream come true. During the BET Awards I talked about the red carpet experience. Last year when we did the carpet, I was almost a brand new artist, with Spend It as a regional record we were just breaking, introducing myself as 2 Chainz. Fast forward to this year, the carpet was a frenzy, there wasn't enough time to stop. I got out the car last year a few people called my name, barely recognizing me. This year, I walked into the venue and people clapped. Like, for a long time. That was crazy. But I have God, my family and my team to thank for all of it. It's all a blessing."

This Is How I Made It debuts Saturday at 12 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.