KiD CuDi – King Wizard

A few weeks ago, we had a taste of KiD CuDi's new self-produced album, Indicud, in the shape of "Just What I Am" – a collaboration with King Chip. On the heels of this collab, Cudder drops his latest track "King Wizard," which is again self-produced and features him rapping. Along with this tune, CuDi sent off the following words on Twitter:

"Mark my words, INDICUD will be the greatest album ever made. Know that I'm not lying."

Give it a spin below and see if you share his feeling.

By: Petar Kujundzic / Tracks / October 3, 2012 / 13763 Views / Source: Complex
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  • djspinseth


  • Mr. Feeny

    produced by Butter And Salmon ( )

  • General_URSUS


  • Trevaughn McGregor

    MotM days are here again,Praise White Jesus!!

  • J-red

    shit go hard

  • Lionel Stull

    He deff backed up that twitter post.

  • Myles Barksdale

    Indicud sounds like it's gunna go above and beyond expectations for me

  • M.m


  • YeezyTaughtYouWell

    He was never gone

  • Robert Lewis

    Wild out I fear wild out very popular wild~out its real not for you to grasp in the first place don't call the internal affairs be prepared on being left way out.

  • arod

    shit sounds so good

  • Charlemagne

    and Black Jesus, Yellow Jesus, Red Jesus and especially Brown Jesus

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  • neezynate

    this is shit, horrible beat, sub par everywhere

  • BeingCharlie

    I see a lot of people writing that but we all know he wasn't on point for the past few months.

  • mrmorenoo

    and neezynate thinks that Lil' Wayne is the best rapper alive

  • Real Dude

    Wow okay Cudi he's really full of himself and tries way too day hard. At least Kanye didn't name his album "HIPYE" and made good music.. Cudi is just too much with his faux-rock artist attitude and lack of ability... at least the beats aight, cause his voice is still annoying

  • Ammar H

    2 for 2, Cudderisback.

  • Ammar H

    fuck you slut.

  • Lost, Casually

    Fuck all the talk. In time, you'll learn.

  • Andres Garcia

    Cudi does not make music for normal people. He makes music for those weird kids. You must have all your screws tightly fastened if you don't like his music. Been a cudi fan since AKNC.

  • BG

    hands down dopest dope

  • Kevin Alvarenga 

    wzrd was a different album but it was still a very good one. everyone wants the rap cudi, he's more than just that. He wasnt giving the production some fans wanted, but that never meant "he wasnt on point" He took on the alternative rock scene and did a damn good job of doing it.

  • Kris

    Mitt Romney dont pay no tax

  • Beatzbym.E.

    fuckin good to hear cudi rap again that shit was fire

  • wzrd

    I felt that his singing wasn't even on point for wzrd

  • Brandon

    Yes. Totally agree.

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  • Wesley Satterwhite

    he's back!

  • Beowulf

    go back to africa

  • Иicholas Γulcher

    Red Jesus? lol

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