Frank Ocean, Pharrell Williams & Jay-Z in the Studio

What do we have here? Pharrell Williams took to his Twitter and shared an interesting photograph including himself alongside Odd Future's Frank Ocean and Jay-Z.

Yessur, in the studio with Jay-Z and Frank Ocean.

P tweeted along with the photograph going on to add:

Can't wait for y'all to hear what I'm working on with big bro Jay-Z and lil bro Frank Ocean.

Photos of Frank Ocean in the studio with J. Cole and No I.D. surfaced a few days ago so it's looking like the young artist is busy lending his talents to a number of upcoming tracks. We'll keep you up to date as more information is shared.

By: Richard Brooks / Photography / October 9, 2012 / 4237 Views
  • HarshReality

    finally a good piece of music news, let's just hope kanye doesn't figure out a way to ruin it like always

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  • Woah

    Should be dope.

  • Woah.

    side topic: Pharrells hair is blonde now?

  • magga

    maschine >>>>>>

  • 808

    good things happenin

  • fffffuuuu

    Excuse Me pt. 2 :)

  • mr. suede

    Pharrell music these days is a hit or miss...a lil Ye might do him a good... Pharrell is on a pursuit of the "next new sound"...unfortunately his track record has suffer cause of that, but i really hope he pulls it off at the end of the day

  • aiowefj

    Is that a Supreme box logo T Frank O is wearing?

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