Earl Sweatshirt Names His Five Favorite Songs

Linking together with Beats TV, Odd Future emcee Earl Sweatshirt reveals his top five favorite songs. Sharing tracks from Lil Ugly Mane, Vince Staples, Adrian Younge, Radiohead and The Diplomats, you can get all the details in the clip up above. Earl, aka Jarvis, aka Trey Real, also fills fans in on a few of favorite random things, which include peaches, air conditioning, iced mocha Frappuccinos, stickers and massages. Enjoy.

By: Richard Brooks / News / October 26, 2012 / 15316 Views
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  • jarvis

    adrian younge made the list? props to earl for that

  • nikesonmyfeet95


  • pumpdaddy

    hahaha the looks

  • Charlemagne

    I never heard any of these songs until 10 minutes ago... I have to admit - pretty solid list

  • CaptainSpauldingNephew

    Adrian Younge (BLACK DYNAMITE SOUNDTRACK) for those that don't know. His production is crazy. Can't wait for his new album featuring GHOSTFACE KILLAH next month to drop.

  • ffuu


  • truu

    nice list...but i cant help but say az- mo money mo murder mo homicide ft nas >>>>real niggaz

  • crackboy999

    real niggas. great answer. one of cam's illest versus. "I argue with my mom spring summer fall winter time, get that off the table cam'ron its dinner time, I got a line downstairs ma im in the grind from ten to 9 you do your buisness right let me attend to mine, you cooking pork anyway i aint into swine, you out your mind nah you dont know whats in my mind ima surpass crack move to the nasdaq but still my connects move anthrax on amtraks."

  • CaptainSpauldingNephew


  • guapranaw

    im getting guap right now. whatcha doin?



  • nikesonmyfeet95

    Mista Thug Isolation was super dope. It's in my Top 3 for the year.

  • Jay510

    DIPSETTT real niggas that's some classic shit

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  • G

    a few months ago he dropped the five songs on his blog. pretty nice