Chief Keef – Love Sosa

After letting loose preview shots not too long ago, Chief Keef now returns with the full-length footage drop for "Love Sosa." The clip showcases the controversial Chicago rapper expectantly alongside his clique, throwing down to the high-energy Young Chop-produced track. To check out the video, simply press play above. Also, be on the lookout for drops from Keef's debut album, Finally Rich.

By: Jonathan Sawyer / Video / October 18, 2012 / 4209 Views
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  • Ty Findlay

    he straight up looks like hes rapping his his underwear from 1:20 to 1:22 hahaha

  • g4y 4 ch13f k33f

    if only

  • fuckyall

    this shit goes.


    "Bang Bang"

  • jon lou

    can somebody tell me what "sosa" is? or what its referring too? i hear that term all the time..

  • iamhim

    sosa= some drug lord...and hes from chicago so its a sammie sosa reference along with "300"



  • tigerbluud

    lol finish school. Learn some grammer child.

  • jemsonn

    One thing i cud say about chief keef, his verses is fucking horrible.. but his Choruses always be on point! <:

  • Thushan Shrimpton

    i honestly didn't understand most of this song...but i liked it

  • ground

    i think this shit's redundant but hey i am no pundit

  • Mohan Guaranteed

    young trap genius 300

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  • DreDahy

    no doubt i cant understand shit hes saying but it bumps

  • Mike

    i honestly think all the dudes are part of some sort of homosexual sex thing. every time it's just him and a bunch of dudes rapping in like there underwear and shit. horrible.

  • Me

    That dreaded fringe tho... lol

  • Bahahah

    Where the bitches at??

  • Razors

    Hahaha, "child"

  • info

    Nothing to do with Sammie Sosa. Sosa was the drug lord that supplied Tony Montana in scarface. that's all.

  • Randy Ng

    "grammar" TROLOLOLOL

  • (7)Even

    Thats the nicest trap house ive seen lol...

  • Iamhim

    Thank you jeeves

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