The Weeknd – Wicked Games (New Version)

On the heels of the announcement that The Weeknd will be releasing Trilogy – a package encompassing his three mixtapes House of Balloons, Thursday and Echoes of Silence along with three bonus tracks – a mastered and re-edited version of the House of Balloons cut "Wicked Games" appears. The tune also serves as the first single of the set and shall keep the anticipation for Trilogy – due November 13 via Universal Republic – popping. Tune in below.

By: Petar Kujundzic / Tracks / September 14, 2012 / 8578 Views
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  • Barron Roth

    Didn't realize it could it actually get better. Shit goes hard. I'm excited!

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  • ghostface vanilla

    original's way better

  • whatislove


  • Henrik

    We isn't the song released by Abel?

  • artificier

    Nice new mix.

  • OE

    Just lost all respect for him, and I'm from Toronto. Censor your shit so it's even more mainstream? Really? Next he'll be doing duets with Bieber.

  • Who?

    Chill. If he didn't censor the song, the radio would have. Its not like he even changed the words. He just muted some words out. You can infer what he's saying when the words are muted.

  • Angel

    Why Abel...the original version is perfect the way it is.

  • thatnigga

    censoring even just a couple of the words changed the whole dynamic of the song tho, damn

  • Guest

    I'm wondering why does he needs to do new versions

  • Ilovetheweeknd

    Wondering why ? The first version was perfect but since he's signed and bringing out a trigoly I think it's to not get sue on some of he's tracks. Who knows prob The noise did this beat aha

  • Stefan Haynes

    Interesting but needless.

  • buck39

    you idiots ever consider that this is just the censored version and that the explicit will have the same exact lyrics as the original?

  • dnwilliams

    This sounds really tame compared to the original production-wise and vocally, it's lost a lot of its intensity.

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  • Socrates

    I'm pretty sure he's changed the song in other to avoid legal issues with his previous producer.

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  • Mozatta

    Mainstream makes him $$$. Dude needs to make a living.

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  • Eray Bartan

    this version perfect

  • Data IV

    since everyone is retarded and should stick to listening and not being a critic. The difference is radio edits can be played on a stock ass car stereo with a shitty reception and will do justice to the concept of the track. hence the censored lyrics. (its not a new version, its a radio edit that's been remastered)

    most artist don't even remaster tracks for radio edits, this in its self shows his attention to detail and getting it to sound "right"

    and c'mon if u need to hear fuck,shit,ass,tits,ho-ass,bitch-ass,niggahs all the time don't listen to a radio edit. he's selling out but that's the point, as long as he doesn't loose his artistic integrity, then good for him.

    hopefully he'll put that $ back into his music and not spend it all on some car and od on molly

    This is coming from a sound engender and a producer from toronto

  • LMRT

    I Love the weeknd its so perfect too me anyways I can just imagine dying to his music.