Music Blog Launches New App to Eliminate Chris Brown from the Internet

It happened to Nickelback before. Now, it looks like Chris Brown is facing some serious digital opposition as the same website, Toronto-based AUX, has launched a new app called 'Brownout' that removes all mentions of Chris Brown from the internet. It currently only works in Google Chrome, but you can already download it from AUX.TV. In a conversation with CBS Local, AUX online producer Sam Sutherland said about the app:

"If he wants to get a tattoo on his neck that kind of looks like Rihanna we are going to write about it. But at some point, it reaches Chris Brown idiocy saturation. All we had to do is build a frame where it recognises the word and ignores it and literally erases it. You can see everything except his name and his face."

The launch of this application comes roughly one week after Brown caused controversy by unveiling a new tattoo that displays a striking resemblance to the bruised face of Rihanna after the 2009 assault. The singer and his representatives have since denied that the tattoo is a depiction of his ex-girlfriend.

By: Petar Kujundzic / News / September 19, 2012 / 4716 Views
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  • jakandjil

    fukin gay

  • CaptainSpauldingNephew

    Hey why not ban everybody and everything that is wrong on the internet. Starting with my AVI.

  • Jamila Wallace


  • ant

    good. fuck chris brown and fuck the media and his record label.

  • Who?

    If it includes people essentially being rewarded by the media for their violent and dispicable actions then yes, let's ban everybody and everything that's wrong with the internet.

  • Garrett Nutgrass

    lil wayne "get rid of" app first please

  • Snkrface Sf Snkrface

    Tony the tiger says:

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  • EinsteinBack

    This app is the greatest idea of the 21st century

  • EinsteinBack

    did wayne ever brutally beat a woman....

  • Bob Sagat


  • Bob Sagat

    works great btw.

  • iName

    Aside from the fact that he beat the shit out of his girlfriend, his music has been garbage. And he really needs to quit with that techno/pop bullshit.

  • Smokey McPot

    will this app work on my little sisters iTunes? lawd please help me.

  • Giancarlo

    women want to be equal in everything but cant be shaken up a little bit... thats why they always run they mouth

  • ♥ zachary ♥

    wouldn't shock me if it came out that he did

  • nigga

    Shit's not even fucking necessary.

  • 6

    Feminists... we should bake them a cake.

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  • loc

    ^ says the bitch who probably tweeted, "I'd let Chris Brown beat me."

  • Mikey

    Bigger fish to fry then Chris Brown off the top of the head wack flacka, wiz khalifia, Kreayshawn , 2 chainz never should have happened

  • Shoemosher

    Giancarlo's want to be taken seriously on the internet, but say dumb ass shit, and everyone thinks they stupid.

  • Garrett Nutgrass

    no but his recent music has brutally beat my brain into a pulp

  • rororno zoro

    Yea, he beat up the women that common used to love.

  • CaptainSpauldingNephew

    You speak the truth.

  • Esmerelda Lopez

    No but having multiple children with multiple women while looking like gremlin deserves a 'get rid of' app.

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