MellowHype – F

Continuing to hold true to their promise of delivering seven new tracks for seven straight days, MellowHype now share another tune in celebration of "MellowHypeWeek." Titled "F," the song marks the fifth day of this week of releases. With two more tracks to go, let us know where the latest tune ranks among the rest of the releases. Stream it down below or grab the download by clicking here.

By: Richard Brooks / Tracks / September 16, 2012 / 3441 Views
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  • nice

    You gotta respect work ethic. These Odd Future dudes makes the music that they want to make and their fans want to hear, and they make a lot of it. Respect.

  • Ace23
  • Johnny Amichetti

    Beat is awful. They used the fucking FL Slayer plugin.

  • Omar A. Gonzalez

    your so right, crap.

  • doc

    just cause you know a plug in means youre talented? get real.