Lupe Fiasco Talks “Bitch Bad” with Rap Genius

It's been quite some hectic weeks for Lupe Fiasco. In addition to his alleged decision to leave the rap game for good, expressing concern for his hometown and promoting his upcoming new album, the Chi-Town emcee also had to face some harsh reaction to his "B*itch Bad" single. In a conversation with Rap Genius, Lupe took some time to discuss the usage of the "b-word" within the hip-hop culture.

By: Petar Kujundzic / News / September 12, 2012 / 1301 Views
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  • meh

    Can't honestly say I still see this dude as a relevant part of rap culture. You can't just be a visionary forever. At least the amount of effort he puts into appearing intellectual is incredibly off-putting to me.

  • Bob Sagat

    what's wrong with trying to use his music to get people to think about things?

  • Fence

    every part of rap culture is relevant. I can agree that his rapping doesn't hit home with me, it's very intelligent and, now that I think about it, very relevant, but I rarely get a 'feeling' from it. it would make me think about what he's saying, but thought without feeling isn't the best rap.

    not to say he isn't putting his heart into it, I'm sure he does. The heart just doesn't reach me with his music most of the time, so it's not on regular rotation.

    Highest levels of respect for him though.

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  • NYAllDay

    How old are you? If you're a 90's baby, then I totally understand why you would say something like that. If not... What is wrong with you? Lupe is part of the conscious hip-hop game that is keeping real hip hop alive. Hip hop is about the lyrics, the struggle, bringing up the hood, sparking questions (a la Tupac, biggie..). You think Tupac's, "I ain't mad at ya" was bad too? It's poetry with an urban background. Lupe came from nothing, and made himself into something. He puts his thoughts, and heart into his lyrics. That's why you have to have mad respect for him. All these people on the radio (Young Jeezy, Lil Wayne, Niki M., Wiz) they all don't give a shit about anything but money and themselves. It's nice to see some old hip hop values still in some peoples lyrics. Sorry to go crazy, but don't put down something that's real... Up lift it, there's very few like Lupe left.

  • Bo Bun

    damn you can't say shit without someone blowing up on ya, huh. Sorry OP.

  • Real Dude

    Idk I love my fair share of "conscious" "intelligent" rappers, but for some reason (I used to like Lupe at first) he appears to be trying to hard to me, and has for a while... idk why. Started with the cool really, then it went downhill. then he got the baby dreads. Of course those radio rappers suck, but lupe's trying instead of doing as much. i'd rather listen to blu or common or mos def any day

  • Lupe ‘Baby Dreads’ Fiasco

    why was he speaking with a forced accent though smh

  • Mr. Relevant

    Still don't understand how Lil Wayne can rap nursery rhymes with a beat and make every line pornographic and get positive feedback, but Lupe brings up topics that make ppl feel uncofrotable conciously and gets ostracized for "being too conscious".

    Shits fucked up

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  • Orlando Juarez-Vitela

    WHAT IS REAL HIP-HOP!! Who is making the guild lines for this? Hip-Hop has been about breaking barriers so why are you making them. Just because you feel a certain way about it or another doesn't mean it's not real.

  • Orlando Juarez-Vitela

    Old hip-hop values. So Run-DMC those aren't real hip hop values. They made a song about shoes. And There is a lot like Lupe left. look for them.