Kreayshawn featuring KiD CuDi – Like It or Love It

Every day leading up to the release of her full-length debut, Kreayshawn will be dropping off a new track. Today the female artist lets loose her anticipated collaboration with KiD CuDi. "Like It or Love It" showcases an upbeat tempo with each rapper giving a go on the verses. You can enjoy it now by pressing play below. Be sure to check back with us for more from Kreay's September 18 release of Something 'Bout Kreay.

By: Jonathan Sawyer / Tracks / September 13, 2012 / 3938 Views / Source: Complex
  • bkulby


  • John D

    Kreay continues to disappoint

  • Goose

    Jesus.... I wonder how much she paid cudder to get on this....

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  • HeadButtChoChick

    Cudi saves the track... kind of. The track is like that pet zombie you keep just because...

  • austin_hiphoper

    awful, what a f'ing joke

  • Jukebox Oddity

    Does she have ANY fans? This was just awful. I mean her verses, CuDi made the track bearable. I fought the urge to turn it off so much just so I could hear CuDi's verse.

  • Martin Murillo

    How come "Hate It" isn't a option. Why the fuck is Cudi on this trash.

  • troooo

    ... because she's your little sister and you didnt have the man-balls to handle it!! dont fret though, ill be Tallahasee.

  • FvckSWVG

    She had next to nothing to do with the song that made her popular, yes it was catchy Sony, but are you cant sign every catchy pos

  • James Moshis

    How did she get a million dollar contract... smh

  • Tyler JaCobi

    Yo it's me @twitter-98948686:disqus i am a official fan now, of this project. Kreayshawn has definitely improved since, her run away hit, "Gucci Gucci" . . Kid Cudi Said Some "All Out non Sense" ON This Track. "G.O.O.D" Music. .

  • ILoveKreayKreay

    Hopefully Cudi didn't do it for the money.
    Because still will COST A LOT AHAHAH
    perfect voice on a kind of record it's amazing

  • j

    i wanna fuck her tho...

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  • John Bogen

    Shoulda called ass Destru-shawn