Kanye West Explains ‘Cruel Summer’

By now, you've probably listened to Cruel Summer and formed your own opinion on it. Maybe you've read our review of it as well. You know whether or not you like it and you know what it means to you, but what does it mean to the mastermind behind it? Kanye West strays away from interviews and press attention these days, but he did go on camera to give some insight into the debut collaborative album from his G.O.O.D. Music camp. In this clip, West speaks on the general idea behind it, the process that went into creating it, the importance he and his team placed on every aspect of it, and how he hopes the music is ingested in listeners' daily lives. "We're making music to create to; music to be creative to; music that you listen to on your way to work so that you can deal with your boss; music that you listen to 'cause you're the boss, so you can deal with your employees," he says. Purchase your copy of Cruel Summer on iTunes now.