Frank Ocean – Pyramids

Following his impressive SNL appearance last night, offered now is Frank Ocean‘s visuals for “Pyramids.” The music video was directed by Nabil who's worked closely with Frank in the past on other notable videos such as "Novacane" and "Swim Good." The visual interpretation takes viewers on a stroll through the desert all while paying a visit to the strip club laced with a special appearance from John Mayer. Enjoy.

By: Davis Huynh / Video / September 16, 2012 / 8228 Views
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  • Jairo Almonte


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  • Philli’ Phil’

    trippy strippers? far out guitar solo? cosign!

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  • Guril

    Dickriding at its finest, smh.
    Anyway, that's a really good piece of work. Props for Nabil.

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  • J__S

    The strippers were looking all possessed except for the first one looked like Janet Jackson.

  • john doe

    whats wrong with dickriding?
    it's thanks to fans like him that people can achieve an iconic status

    ignorant keyboard warriors like you piss me off



  • basedgodscuhsin

    because he gay.which make uu gay.


    This is why I got so much repesct for him and who ever did this video.
    It's lovely

  • LL Smoove J

    great video, it paints the perfect picture of the song

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  • VH

    -_- ignorant people like you are the reason this generation will never go forward

  • ghostface vanilla

    ^^ lol

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    yea yo, what's up with that?!?

  • City Wok Owner

    the playstation one noise is in the beginning

  • Buc

    Nabil is the man

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  • J__S

    That's true but that specific audio clip was featured as the first cut from Channel Orange - Start

  • 6

    I like the bike.

  • Sergio Rivera Jr.

    the video is down