Frank Ocean – Blue Whale

Seemingly out of nowhere comes a brand new audio offering from none other than Frank Ocean. The tune is called "Blue Whale," and is not to be labeled as an R&B offering as Frank turns to his rap skills for this one. More details on the song are likely to emerge soon but give it a spin below.

By: Petar Kujundzic / Tracks / September 25, 2012 / 12006 Views
  • BathingApe

    definitely feeling this track.

  • Jairo Almonte

    what can't this man do?

  • Chris Hatam

    As a complete supporter of Frank Ocean I love this song, so I feel like I'm biast. I've read people who say this sucks, so to anyone who thinks this is bad needs to STOP and go download Nostalgia, Ultra IMMEDIATELY. This has been a PSA from my dick.

  • ills

    His rap part is Oldie always left me wondering why he didn't do more rap. This is great.

  • newslang

    Don't wanna compare artists and such, but Frank's flow kinda reminds me of Mos Def. So damn smooth.

  • Manny ✌

    This nigga, got damn

  • Hay Zeus

    why is your dick doing PSA's for another man? frank ocean bringing that shit outta y'all huh?

  • Hay Zeus

    dope track just heard it on tumblr.

  • Kay

    not a fan of this beat for real. sounds like a disney movie love montage

  • Rhonda Grant

    nice. chillin

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  • Joyce

    Am I the only one that ain't feeling this?

  • BathingApe

    so true. his part was dope.


    yea right

  • David Mit

    Frank Ocean > WTT.


    "Life goes on pimpin, the wise don't doubt it"

  • yann1ck

    Guess so

  • Shannon

    I FUCKING LOVE FRANK OCEAN and I do not fucking love this song. But I like it. There's kind of a lazy feel to it, which is fun and some of the lyrics are strong but it's not the best effing thing ever. And it doesn't have to be! The song is fine. It's not Pyramids or Forrest Gump but it's a cool track.

  • Shannon

    Joyce, you're not alone. It's not a game-changer, just a cool track.

  • Shannon

    I take back part of this... MOST of the lyrics are strong. Okay.

  • Chris Hatam

    "Hay Zeus"

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  • Philli’ Phil’

    he's an above average writer... doesn't try to stick to one thing either; croon, spit, or rock. he just does it all... dude is an artist

  • Barney

    gay as fuck ...

  • jimirazz

    "Frank's flow kinda reminds me of Mos Def" very true

  • andy

    this is gay. pun intended.

  • Myles Barksdale

    If Frank Ocean rapped more often, he could be what Drake is trying to be

  • mosdef
  • gary fairy

    its cool i guess, just kinda corny

  • Cisco

    Famous artist, boring song

  • German Skank

    Homophobe alert!!!!!


    Lyrics are great, beat... meeeeeh