Fiona Apple Arrested on Drug Charges

According to TMZ, Grammy-winning singer Fiona Apple had her tour stopped and searched last night as it entered the U.S. Border Patrol Checkpoint in Sierra Blanca, Texas – the same checkpoint that claimed the likes of Willie Nelson, Snoop Dogg and The Social Network actor Armie Hammer for illegal drug possession. Not taking notes from her predecessors, officers discovered 0.1 pound of hash and 0.1 pound of marijuana during their routine search. While there were seven other people on the bus, Apple "freely admitted" that the drugs belonged to her, allowing the others to drive on and was then placed under arrest. After spending the night in jail, the 35-year-old singer was released earlier today after posting the $10,000 bond. She was due to perform in Austin on Thursday night but the venue's website said the show had been postponed.