Captain Murphy – The Killing Joke (Produced by Flying Lotus)

Captain Murphy is back on the scene. Going in over some Flying Lotus production, the Captain drops a new track titled "The Killing Joke." Making use of samples from The Dark Knight, the track is set to appear on his upcoming project DU∆LITY. Hip-hop's new man of mystery has stayed churning out quality tracks so be on the look out for the full mixtape to release soon.

By: Richard Brooks / Video / September 13, 2012 / 2689 Views
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  • Chye

    Aesop Rock?

  • mf doom

    no he changed his name to ASAP Rocky and blew up

  • pokemasturbator

    theyre two different people. Aesop rock is white and Asap rocky is black cmon

  • jkgjk

    no theyre the same dumbass

  • Andrew Soto


  • pokemasturbator

    Aesop rock is from Living Legends. pretty sure i know what im talking about asshat. search it if you dont believe me

  • neezynate

    haha did i just read that asap rocky is the same as aesop rock? fucking idiot

  • Real Dude

    wow you guys are really don't and wouldn't know a joke if it shook you and said it had heroin and explosives in it's ass.

  • Real Dude

    Like honestly if someone actually didn't know they were two different people already they should slit their own Achilles heel. Of course they aren't the same, the person was kidding goddamn pokemasturbator omg

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  • notablondenigga

    its tyler the creator. wtf is wrong with you guys.

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  • Jordan Sousa

    This track just gives me more evidence to believe its Tyler. The "kids admire" line and "ramen noodle" and "all black hoodie" lines in past CM tracks recycles Tylers old lines. It's just way too much in common. It makes sense though. Tyler hates "real hip hop" so why not make an MF Doom like alter ego? He's even said he looks up to him, Madlib, etc. Also has anyone noticed Tylers kind of been avoiding him? I fee like if it wasn't him Tyler would have came out on Twitter and said it. Or at least giving him some sort of recognition. And the artwork and animation for CM is similar to the new animation opening sequence for Aqua Teen. Adult Swim is in the mix?

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  • Pingback: Captain Murphy – The Killing Joke | Video | Hypebeast

  • MeenGene

    stfu music snob. It was fucking joke, you want a cookie because you know of aesop rock? jesus christ.

  • chiselschisel

    nah dude. saw cap murphy at terminal five flylo show in nyc. skinny black dude

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