Big Sean – Detroit (Mixtape)

After giving us a few previews of what to expect, the time has now come for Big Sean's latest mixtape Detroit to be consumed by the masses. Including 16 tracks and features from the likes of J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Juicy J, Tyga and more, the project should definitely hold fans over quite nicely as we all wait for the upcoming G.O.O.D. Music compilation album Cruel Summer. You can stream the mixtape now down below, or grab the download by clicking here (alternate link here).

By: Richard Brooks / Tracks / September 6, 2012 / 6262 Views
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  • bro

    I don't even understand why they put mixtapes exclusively on datpiff. crashes every time. if you want people to get your mixtape put it on multiple sites.

  • Tamoor Chaudhry

    Yeah, only advantage I see is to help them get a more accurate count of how many people initially downloaded it. Otherwise its just annoying.

  • philliam

    was hoping to see cudi on this... aint never seen a legit "big sean ft. kid cudi" & vice versa. i wonder if cudi even f'cks w/ sean like that

  • Gabriel Kao @ 1:53

    Cudi shows up to Sean's show and gives him the Jesus piece he was wearing.

  • LyricallyHB

    it's on hotnewhiphop & livemixtapes & his website

  • philliam

    ... cudi givin' up that chain is a lil' insight into they relationship i guess. i wanna see them work mano a mano though... this tape is put together too nicely for cudi to not be on it in my opinion

  • Chessir.

    Not into Sean singing.

  • falalala

    why does common sound like that

  • falalala

    common's voice = o.o

  • [email protected]

    better then that wayne mixtape,,shiiiittt

  • [email protected]

    i coulda swore earl sweatshirt was gonna throw in a colab with BS

  • Mike

    seems like a good mixtape

  • LL Smoove J

    This is what his debut album should've sounded like, Big Sean has the talent, he just needs to figure out what kind of rapper he wants to be to step out of Kanye's Shadow.

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  • Steeevooo

    I dont think he would have had the chance to put out a "quality" project if it wasnt for the success of that first album... And it seems to be a rule now that mixtapes are heads and shoulders above albums with the exception of Kendricks last joint ... IMO Lupes albums are great but his mixtapes are just legendary...the best rap ive personally ever heard was on the touch the sky mixtape

  • me

    Is that James singing on "100" #9?

  • Sam

    you niggas are so biased 7 only like big sean because he's down with g.o.o.d

  • VladoHadnadj

    like the mixtape although he could've done better on that hit-boy beat, the beat is too good

  • LyricallyHB

    yeah, it sounds like it

  • ermahgerd

    why does common open his mouth?

  • lilyeezzy

    'cudi deserves an album not a mixtape' I think that's in Sean's mind

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  • H8Nate

    loved it

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