Azealia Banks – 1991

Celebrating the Labor Day weekend in a major way, Azealia Banks tweets the new video for the title track of her 1991 EP. Helmed by Justin Mitchell, the clip showcases some of Miss Banks' posing and dancing skill and neatly evokes memories of early '90s dance videos. Just think of Crystal Waters' "100% Pure Love."

By: Petar Kujundzic / Video / September 3, 2012 / 3101 Views
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  • Andy Mitchell

    Not impressed

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  • j

    im not usually down for black chicks but damnnnn

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  • Pingback: Azealia Banks – 1991 | Video | Hypebeast

  • Dunston


  • Abiel Hagos

    I going to see if my mum can talk to her parents. Arranged marriages is the way forward. She is marrying me whether she likes it or not

  • YeezyTaughtMe

    100% Pure Love by Crystal Waters shows it better than Gypsy Woman.

  • Pär Lundvall

    Jersey house all day, errday!

  • zach

    nice that everyones picking up on her talent

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  • The Great

    Americans in the UK we call this house music, might be in your best interests to learn a thing or two about it cause' clearly you all are deaf and small minded, this tracks hot! end of

  • ‘MURKA

    I love how Europeans think we care about what they think of us..

  • blalex

    sorry if you look all over youtube its evident that you lot really do...

  • cam709

    america created house music. we know what it is. some reason everyone here just likes dubstep and electri

  • Pyt Nguyen

    is that meant to be funny?

  • Abiel Hagos

    Yes sorry for the poor attempt

  • BlueShirt

    Its more garage than house?

  • Jonathan

    She can be mon croissant au chocolate <3