A$AP Mob featuring Flatbush Zombies – Bath Salt

When the track first surfaced back in July, it was an instant classic among A$AP advocates. Now the track "Bath Salt" gets a visual reinterpretation, fueled by the direction of Shomi Patwary. Bringing together New York crews Flatbush Zombies and members of the A$AP Mob, you can now view the video up above. The track is housed on the latest A$AP Mob compilation Lord$ Never Worry, which you can download by clicking here. Enjoy.

By: Richard Brooks / Video / September 5, 2012 / 4451 Views
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  • Ksmooth

    Rocky spits in this

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  • myemailisprivate

    The patchwork of scenes thrown on here distracts you from the track's strengths.

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  • The great

    Tracks hot but im getting pretty tired of drugs being exposed like that.. there's nothing cool about it just another stereotypical approach for black folks

  • Fence

    stereotypical? calling a song 'bath salt, isn't like calling a song 'bong song'. people definitely aren't doing bath salts like that, this isn't to glamourise/ze it or hype any sort of drug culture as cool. errbody knows bath salts are fuckery lol.

    at least I think that's what you were saying. bong bong.

  • brohan

    The 3rd verse is terrible

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  • http://twitter.com/BRVNDON_BLVCK Brandon E. D.

    1:43-2:45 was fast forwarded entirely to save myself the trouble

  • http://twitter.com/Sneakerdie Sneakerdie

    what hes saying is too many people are talking and portraying straight images of drugs and things like that like its cool, and really its not and its starting to get lame. I mean when Madonna starts talking about Molly and black people are rapping about doing acid and making videos with coke all over the place, its getting out of hand.

  • Fence

    you say that like black people don't do acid.

    the difference I was talking about is that people do coke and acid and MDMA, not madonna she's a bandwagonning mug, but it is done. bath salts aren't, it's more of a shock thing in this instance.

    either way, don't judge a song by its title homie.

  • http://twitter.com/Sneakerdie Sneakerdie

    I didnt say black people arent doing drugs, its just that now they are rapping about it like its the cool thing to do.

    I know what all these fuckin songs mean and what alot of rappers now are trying to project, but its getting old. Rapping about drugs whether it just be subject matter or just a title or a hook is lame and has been lame a good minute now, its not good for the kids or the culture. Belive it or not it DOES leave an impression, subliminal or literal.

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