Odd Future Freestyle at Terry Richardson’s Studio Pt. 2

After getting a look at the first part of their recent visit with famed photographer Terry Richardson, the Odd Future crew are back as we present part two of the studio hangout. The clip highlights an ongoing freestyle from several members of the crew, while some of the remaining fellas are having a good time, dancing and posing for pictures in the background.

By: Jonathan Sawyer / News / August 1, 2012 / 2476 Views
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  • swaggggggggggggggggg

    00:47-1:30 , what do u call those dance?

  • http://twitter.com/IRespectYoHoe Spike Spiegel

    Song at the end?

  • jarrett

    harlem shake. I believe.

  • globe

    This is awful...plain unarticulated awfulness...

  • Johnny John John

    Song at the end is

    Cam'ron & The Diplomats - Bout It Bout It...Part III (feat. Master P)

    Disc 2 of their Diplomatic Immunity album.

  • bv vb

    It's a waste of time. They're trying to be funny. Every single odd future 'freestyle' is just them taking the piss.

  • CumThrew(NoHomo)

    2 SLUTZZZ!