Lupe Fiasco & Guy Sebastian – Battle Scars

Seemingly out of nowhere comes the official music video for Lupe Fiasco's collaboration with Australian singer Guy Sebastian, called "Battle Scars." The song has been conquering the charts down under and has now received the visual treatment in support of Lupe's Food & Liquor II: The Great American Rap Album. As we know, Lupe has always been somewhat culture-pushing in his approach to music and lyrical content. Hence, it comes as no surprise that offering also carries a strong positive message.

By: Petar Kujundzic / Video / August 28, 2012 / 3060 Views
  • Chelsey

    Hi there - this song has only just been released - debuted at #1 in Australa and been there for 2 weeks at will probably be #1 a third week - Go Lupe and Guy

  • downunderkoala

    the song just out for 2 weeks, bullet debut at #1, staying 2 weeks at no.1 in Australia

  • Natbelle

    No. It hasn't been out for a year. It was released two and a half weeks ago in Australia and New Zealand by Guy Sebastian, and has heen at #1 on the Australian charts for two weeks.. It is the third single from his upcoming album. Lupe liked it enough to also put it on his album and release it as the fourth single.

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  • MAUI

    This sounds like it was on Lasers but it got cut... ahaha good nonetheless.

  • Zannah

    The song hasn't been out for over a year. It was first released in Australia on August 10. It was only recorded a couple of months ago when Lupe was in Australia touring. You must be thinking of some other track.

  • Michael Costa

    He says that there's no features on part 1, and then changes his mind and puts an old song on it



  • MeenGene

    This sucks. I thought there was gonna be no more lazers lupe on food and liquor 2?

  • Boss


  • annon

    you must be one of those faggots that actually liked Lazers. That commercial, badly written piece of shit was terrible(he even admitted it), and Ive been rockin with lupe since mixtape #1. He told us on his power 105.1 interview that there would be no more commercial lupe, and this video my friend, is a commercial hot piece of garbage. Lets get back to the real shit.

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  • Flows

    Gonna be hated on but im not a dickrider lupe was always alright always tryna say some message but hates on the game at the same time like hes just an alright rapper to be honest

  • NarakaBeings

    where is Matthew Santos when you need him?

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  • saad

    what is the real message of the song

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