Lupe Fiasco – B*itch Bad

Lupe Fiasco is certainly no stranger to controversial music. And the latest audio and visual drop from the veteran emcee just may have some up in arms yet again. "B*tch Bad" is slated to appear on Lupe's forthcoming project, Food & Liquor 2, which will become available on September 25. Press play above to witness the interesting set of aesthetics. Be sure to leave us your thoughts in the comment section.

By: Jonathan Sawyer / Video / August 22, 2012 / 5191 Views
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  • Guest

    Damn, he hit us with the Black face?

  • $elo

    thats some real fuckin shit Lu.

  • sjc

    But I'm from canada so I can't... :(

  • ANDRE B.

    This bitch vs. woman argument has been going on for years in hip hop. lupe grabs the mike 5 minutes and lays it all down the way it is like its nothing..

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  • Jimmy

    Like I keep telling my boys - LUPE BACK

  • Snoopy Fiasco

    I hate it when they embed MTV videos because we can't view it here either.

  • Columbo

    There starting to think Knowledge is cool Lu

  • LL Smoove J

    I love the irony of this being on MTV, but sadly the target audience prob wont even get the message what with your lil wayne's and nicki minaj's selling their coon music

  • CK

    spike lee would be proud

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  • profporks

    bitch bad. song bad. ugh

  • JSM

    you don't know shit.

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  • steez mcsteez

    Lupe always keepin the bar set high. this is a different standard of rap, it's knowledge

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  • Nova

    Lu made this song for people just like you.

  • Sandborne

    Damn Lupe just shitted on everything on WSHH, and Drillinois, let's see all the ignorant coon ass rappers, that flood our mainstream, Kanye, no fuck it G.O.O.D Music in whole, sans Common, MMG, YMCMB, R&B fuck heads, DJ's that promote that shit. damn, that shit was real, powerful too powerful. Big Up To Lu, for being literally the bravest mufucka in music right now, he on his RATM tip,.....Big Up!

  • Gomez

    Not too mention Sandborne all the ignorant kids in music, Azalea Banks, Lil B, Odd Future, and all the rest of that dumb shit, Iggy, list goes on, then gimmick ass rappers Riff Raff, uggggh, Ratchetness

  • svks

    It seems that Lil B has fucked your bitch

  • Free Mason

    There Going To Kill Lupe, If He Keeps This Up.

  • Brandon001

    it's clear you have an opinion.

  • △△△△△△

    This some real fuckin shit, Lupe Fiasco x XXYYXX (Throwed)

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  • goodtimes

    I honestly feel like I have heard Bitch Bad a dozen times. We get it. Rap is misognyist. Ok. People call this real shit? But let me ask you something, did you really need Lupe to highlight the obvious for you? I mean be honest for a second. I like Lupe but i'm not gonna sit here and act like this record was life changing. It just fucking isn't. Neither was "Around My Way" or "Lamborghini Angels". It's either Lupe is trying to cash in on this controversial/preacher rap music or he is trying to make people forget that he made Lasers. Maybe both. Either way, this is not a good look.

  • runningfrom

    I feel like atlantic had more to do with Lasers sucking than Lupe himself did...

  • Chrislikesmusic

    ooo this is so strong!!!

  • Mugen_EtE

    you posted this on the wrong fuckin site...

  • goodtimes

    I don't really see how your comment connects with what I posted earlier but If what you're saying is true, wouldn't that be more of a reason for Lupe to make people forget that Lasers happened in the first place?

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