Lana Del Rey – “Afraid” & “Playing Dangerous”

With another day come some more previously unheard music from Lana Del Rey. While yesterday's leaked tune "Big Bad Wolf" came as a surprise to many, today sees two new songs from the songstress surfacing titled "Afraid" and "Playing Dangerous." The single "Afraid" comes as a more basic track, in comparison to previous tracks – highlighting the singer's vocals – while the song "Playing Dangerous" delivers a head-nodding drum pattern as Lana tells the story of her encounter with a police officer. Stream both down below and let us know which one you're feeling.

"Afraid" "Playing Dangerous"
By: Richard Brooks / Tracks / August 23, 2012 / 20661 Views
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  • kenzo

    that 2nd track has a FILHY beat, cot daaamn!

  • HNIC_Mac

    word, second track is illy

  • Stefan Haynes

    Lana Del Rey is musical cancer. Definitely the most pungent thing the mainstream music industry has shat out lately. Let's pray it doesn't catch.

  • m4keshift

    Go troll somewhere else you frickin' faggot

  • Sunny From The Block

    second track is dope, big up to the producer, that that shit, throw a Jiay-Z verse on that, and presto you got a hit, Jig could weave in and out of this shit, but lowkey this a hit as is. I could see some dope visuals for this, I would grab, Colin Tilley, or the cat who shot the Drake and Rihanna video.

  • Stefan Haynes

    Interesting self-censorship.

    Beyond her non-existent singing talent, boring melodies and grating, self-aggrandizing image (the "sexed-up Nancy Sinatra" shtick is the very definition of oxymoron), she's a prickish, manipulative corporate whore who is only enjoying so much exposure and success thanks to nepotism.

    Educate yourself before you buy into future UMG-manufactured plastic dolls, makeshit.

  • salvador lima silva


  • Christian

    Prickish? Hahahah ok you lost me. She's like the nicest person ever.

  • Stefan Haynes

    Did you know you can come across as nice and still be a "prick"? No, of course you didn't.

    I'd urge you to research her a bit more than her totalitarian record label is feeding you.

  • Christopher Chiozzi

    lol her voice has a timeless quality to it. no matter how much you complain about her, she's still gonna sound good to a lot of people. get used to it.