Jesse Boykins III – The Perfect Blues

Singer/songwriter Jesse Boykins III delivers the video for the second single from his upcoming collaborative album with MeLo-X Zulu Guru to be released on Ninja Tune (October 30 in North America/November 5 in the UK). After the free download giveaway "Black Orpheus" which accompanied the album announcement, "The Perfect Blues" is the second offering from Zulu Guru.

As Jesse explains:

"The color blue is supernatural. It has the power to create a peaceful state and form bonds in any space. It allows for full spiritual bloom in unlikely places, it creates life from nothing. From my perspective the color blue represents space, time and the beauty found in a given moment. Quite fortunately I was provided this type of space by Red Bull Music Academy during my stay in Madrid; connecting with producer Gora Sou on the same wave to produce a powerful song: "The Perfect Blues". My experience in Tokyo is the visual representation which reflects the continuation of my musical and spiritual journey. Documented by Dr.Woo, "The Perfect Blues" is simply a sign of how art and color reflect real life and true living."

"The Perfect Blues" single will be released via Ninja Tune on September 24.