Dave Matthews Band – Mercy

Having been debuted live earlier this year as well as let loose in audio form in June, Dave Matthews Band now drops off a coinciding video for one of their new singles, "Mercy." The track will appear on the heralded band's forthcoming eighth studio album, which will become available on September 11. The presented footage showcases a barrage of fan-flavored media, all accounting for a sort of virtual collage. Away From the World will be here soon.

By: Jonathan Sawyer / Video / August 30, 2012 / 829 Views
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  • Hebetate

    this is the worst cover I've heard so far... they completely changed the lyrics and ruined one of the greatest songs of all time. Somebody call Kanye!

  • http://mostlyjunkfood.com/ marc heilbrunn

    no 2 chainz?