Captain Murphy – Shake Weight (TNGHT Version)

The latest unsolved mystery in the hop-hop realm is this Captain Murphy character. While no complaints have yet to come from any of the previously released tracks from the unknown emcee, it looks like we get to add another tune to his short catalog. Letting TNGHT's track "Bugg'n" serve as his backdrop, today we get a unique reworking for Mr. Murphy's latest piece, titled "Shake Weight." Named after the popular modified dumbbell, the track comes along with an animated version of TNGHT's visual offering for the track and you can view Captain Murphy's take on both up above. You can also download the audio by clicking here. So is it Earl, Tyler, Flying Lotus or just someone really named Captain Murphy? Let us know your thoughts after hearing this new song.

By: Richard Brooks / Video / August 14, 2012 / 2425 Views
  • Jordan

    Fly Lo said it himself on Twitter, it isnt Tyler, Earl or Him. But I STILL think it's all three of them. It's smart. Tyler hates "real" rap so why not make an alter ego for it and deny it? With all the hype of CM, him and Earl still haven't addressed it though. Whoever it is, its pretty good shit.

  • klhdf

    this guy is my favourite shit right now.

  • LamboAngel

    At some parts I deff hear Tyler and some parts idk who but It could be earl

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  • [email protected]

    I hear Tyler but I don't think it's him, I think it's a whole nuther person.

  • bear


  • Podgy Feats

    1.02 - Rick Ross

  • lord quas

    plus tyler and earl are fan of lord quas (everybody should be fan of the lord !)

  • Thomas Johnson

    the logo looks like action bronson haha

  • deadbeat dad

    whoever it is, this is heat

  • Podgyfeats

    definatley can ear tyler in it. Plus all the animations of the Captain Murphy videos (especially ritual) look like the style adult swim do. hmmm and who happens to have connects in adult swim..