Kreayshawn – Go Hard (La La La)

Kreayshawn offers up the visual accompaniment to her new single “Go Hard (La La La)” today, which is the second release from her upcoming debut album Somethin’ About Kreay. The 22-year-old Oakland rapper chooses a comic book, fantasy land-style setting to tell the story of her wrongdoings during her childhood such as stealing money from her father’s wallet amongst other misdemeanors. Watch the clip above which also features cameos from her fellow White Girl Mob members. We can expect a August 14 drop for her debut album.

By: Aymen Ahmed / Video / July 24, 2012 / 3305 Views
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  • SpacexGhostxJesus

    holy shit this is terrible.

  • mikeg(angbang)

    da legend mike g

  • Fuller

    Shout out to Mishka, I guess. Fuck...that sucks.

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  • ds

    not a fan at all - but guys, she's obviously supplying a demand in the music market otherwise she wouldn't be where she's at, therefore props, somehow


    at least it's something for the radio...must be hard for her to deliver something on par to "gucci, gucci"

  • JonJay

    sooooo bad. (bad, meaning horrible)

  • Mazi Nom de Guerre

    Needs Lil Debbie

  • Canikickit

    Yup getting ready for the radio pop scene

  • Gabriel Robert Thomas

    this is terrible... but id smash both of them though...

  • TonyTooCool

    this is umburrsing (charles barkley voice)

  • hvy

    This is incredibly... bubblegum.

  • KazeemC

    Only may it to 0:44 sec.
    I pray that those who watched the whole thing are still alive.

  • ilohan

    i think this is what kanye sounds to my parents


    ehh i like it in a top 40 kinda way. quiet lil debbie >

  • podgy featz

    sounds like the kind of music a carebear would fuck and play tetris to

  • podgy featz

    sounds like the kind of music a care-bear would f*** and play tetris to

  • permsauce

    for a girl rapper she coo. i mean u gotta let people live yall niggas are haters


    As an artist.. i'm offended by the music industry obviously dropping bank into her production..
    As a person with ears.. i'm in pain...
    As a guy with a dick.. I'm a fan.