Frank Ocean Opens Up About His Sexuality

Earlier this week, rumors emerged that some lyrics on Frank Ocean's upcoming album Channel Orange indicate his bisexuality. While no lyrics have been cited, it appeared to be likely that this whole affair has been created by the dynamic imagination of the digital sphere. However, Frank took things to his Tumblr to comment on this subject matter and published a screenshot of a text document written on a computer. The document is titled "thank you's," and was written in December of 2011 while Frank was on a plane from New Orleans to Los Angeles.

Written in an open letter style, the note recounts his story of meeting a guy a few years ago and falling in love with him, labelling him as his "first love." In a preface to the letter, originally meant to appear in the liner notes for Channel Orange, he said, “my hope is that the babies born these days will inherit less of the bullshit than we did.” While this coming out will hit the music world by surprise, it is a sincere display of honesty that has to be respected and shall be applauded.