Childish Gambino – Royalty (Mixtape)

The new Childish Gambino mixtape Royalty is finally presented to us on America’s Independence Day. We had previously heard cuts from this compilation in recent weeks including “Unnecessary,” "Shoulda Known," “Black Faces,” “Silk Pillow,” and an unheard verse Mr. Glover laid down on Sway’s radio show. The rapper from Silver Lake, California has called in lyrical heavy hitters such as Ghostface Killah, RZA, Bun B, Danny Brown, Alley Boy, the vocal talents of the up-and-coming Kilo Kish, and even Tina Fey, Gambino’s former co-star on 30 Rock makes an appearance. There’s currently no online stream for Royalty, but you can download the mixtape here.

By: Aymen Ahmed / Music / July 4, 2012 / 7459 Views
  • Guril

    This mixtape is pure fire, Gambino went hard on this !

  • James Moshis

    gambino is a mastermind

  • Chrono

    This is the best free mixtape I've ever downloaded. So many damn features. You know how there's usually one song that you want to replay numerous times on certain EPs/mixtapes/albums? I want to replay all the songs. They're all so amazing! Okay, I'll stop sounding like a salesman or some shit... #Royalty is fire.

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  • MHWB

    This is unreal for a mixtape. Quality.
    Can't believe some of the features on this.

  • TrevWaddell

    i cant see anyone hating/not liking this mixtape.

  • Chuck

    Every download link is Fucked up! Everywhere!

  • Danny Glover

    I thought he was from Atlanta. Hypetrak? Explain please?

  • kazin

    fuck a bitch to pass the time

  • ag
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  • dnwilliams


  • dnwilliams

    59 minutes
    18 tracks
    16 features
    Mad bars

  • Suck Me Softly

    i thought that wasnt glover on ONE UP, that was just his brother, keep it in the fam, #royalty

  • anon

    Just the writing here being terrible and convoluted as usual. They could have said "based out of" or something like that to clear up the fact that he was born in Georgia but lives in LA.

  • atgsitlftb

    fuck boys chase hypetrak chicks and niggas who stopped texting after 1.6

  • Who the fuck?

    tina fey >

  • Anthony

    Damn, his production ain't bad either

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  • Tr3W

    Seriously of all the free mixtapes that have come out in the last 5 years THIS is the best?

  • Chrono

    Being a fan of Childish Gambino (Donald Glover) for the past few years, yeah, this is the best free mixtape I've downloaded. I've enjoyed seeing him grow production and vocal wise. Is that such a bad thing?

  • truth

    haha glad someone caught this. he actually disses HYPETRAK because they werent down with him at the beginning, and the 1.6 is from a website that gave his debut album 1.6 out of 10.

  • Anthony Agbabiaka

    Overrated. The features outshine Gambino. He's improving lyrically and moving on to more diverse topics now, which is all you can ask.

  • Z

    I agree with you completely. This album is nowhere near his best work. Bun B massacred him on the track, and I on one song I swore he had the same rhyme scheme as 2 chainz. EP is stil the best

  • JimmyPop


  • J__S

    Tina Fey AND Blake Griffin were featured on this mixtape. Just download it.

  • dnwilliams

    That can't be what he's getting at. He made 23 on Hypetrak's 50 best albums of 2011, 10 on the Reader Poll and the comments section of his album stream on here had mad positive feedback.

  • Carlos Martinez

    But it is what he's talking about. When he was first coming out, hypetrak gave NO LOVE. Eventually, they hopped on the bandwagon.

  • Carlos Martinez

    Pitchfork gave CAMP 1.6

  • Carlos Martinez

    He was born in New York, but his family moved out to Stone Mountain, GA at an early age.

  • dnwilliams

    That doesn't sound right to me. Maybe they didn't share early mixtapes, but they were definitely posting tracks a good while before Camp dropped. That's not really the same as a terrible review. And tbh, it doesn't sound like Hypetrak to me on the record, it's pretty hard to make out. Could be:

    'Fuck boys chase hype/Scrap chicks and niggas who stopped texting after 1.6'

    Or something. I mean, maybe you're right, but it'd be weird if you were.

  • dannyeaton14

    More hipster hop over here...

  • phillmamula

    Scrunch Faced. SO good!

  • Carlos Martinez

    hmmmmm, I could be wrong.

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