What Do Underground Music “Studios” Look Like in China?

The music scene in China is one of the biggest best kept secrets in the audio world. "Inner Spaces," a web-released photo documentary by freelance photographer Benoit Florencon exposes what lies beneath the streets of Shanghai, and offers some visual impressions. Presented as a photo documentary and told through added quotes, the exhibition highlights the creative spaces of local artists that draw inspiration from the Middle Kingdom's bustling pedestrian streets and lifestyle. Benoit captures each producers and MCs within their own studio and interviews them for that chosen quote to represent their personality. A glimpse into their own environment, "Inner Spaces" lifts the heavy veil to show in true form what Shanghai has to offer in music. You can watch the full documentary slide here.


By: Petar Kujundzic / Photography / June 22, 2012 / 1490 Views
  • Hodgy Beatz

    I don't see anything special ....

  • Hype

    What do underground studios look like anywhere?.... Small laptop and a midi keyboard. We all hustle the same

  • myemailisprivate

    What's "special" is that it takes place in communist China.

  • http://twitter.com/Nilow_Sirhc Chris Wolin

    Looks like he's got a nice view though

  • Swag

    If its in Hong Kong then it don't matter faggot since its a city state with a major capitalist economy and different political system, very different than the rest of China.

  • http://twitter.com/pauseforcoffee Bo Bun

    So the well-kept secret is that it looks like a college dorm room? Ok.

  • Benoit Florencon

    full documentary is available at issuu.com/bureau36/docs/innerspaces.

    so far no exhibition, just an online release.
    it does take place in communist china, shanghai. not HK.