Skrillex Set to Soundtrack New James Franco Movie

Director Harmony Korine has recruited Skrillex to score an original soundtrack for his next movie Spring Breakers, starring James Franco. The film’s musical director Randall Poster spoke to Pitchfork about how they linked up with the Grammy Award-winning producer for the project.

"I'm working on Harmony Korine's movie Spring Breakers now and Skrillex is doing original music for us. I had heard of Skrillex, but I wasn't watching it that closely. And Harmony, who I've worked with forever, sent me a link to some Skrillex YouTubes, and I saw one had 54 million hits - I thought he had somehow figured out a way to manipulate the numbers. And then it dawns on you: There are kids that are never going to buy a record. They're just going to play songs on YouTube. "

The comedy picture, which also stars Vanessa Hudgens and Selena Gomez, began production earlier this year and is tentatively scheduled for a Spring 2013 release.