Childish Gambino – We Ain’t Them (Produced by Childish Gambino & Ludwig)

After surprising the world with his previous two leaks, one featuring ScHoolboy Q titled "Unnecessary" and another along side Flynt Flossy and Yung Humma named "F*ck Your Blog," Childish Gambino lets go yet another track, this time on his personal website. Given the title "We Ain't Them," Gambino shared the track via his Twitter after foregoing on an extensive rant ranging in topics from his controversial Trayvon Martin line to his appreciation for his fans. You can stream the track down below and grab the download by visiting

By: Richard Brooks / Tracks / May 16, 2012 / 9297 Views
  • @NicolaaNoir

    Its called We Ain't Them

  • Chrono

    This is by far one of my favorite tracks of his. Royalty forever.

  • Kifediba

    What up with the Single's cover photo? Take care reference?

  • Chrono

    If you're wondering about the story behind the cover art:

    There's more to come of these. I'm excited. :)

  • Triple OG


  • Confusion

    i feel like Gambino changed his ways since that Pitchfork 1.6/10 review for 'Camp'.. he got critics to answer

  • עמנואל

     Pitchfork only likes rappers who crazy or hood, man.

  • pajamez

    Gambino just keeps getting better and better

  • myemailisprivate

    There's a complacency about this song.

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  • Sheitman

    This kid fucking hates white people, true story.

  • Kush Picasso

     dont blame him!



  • Bo Bun

     Really what makes you think that

  • TonyTooCool

    no there isn't

  • Egor

    Drake looks mad puerto rican in that painting lol

  • dnwilliams

    That review was so dumb.



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  • Robbie Beveridge-Pearson

    Gambino forgot the teachings of the King.

  • Robbie Beveridge-Pearson

    Makes him sound pretty dumb if you ask me, going on about not letting white people tell you what to do. The president (Forbes #1 most powerful person in the world) is black. Quite liked him until all this shit and his tweets about "white overcompensation". Hope he finds peace with whatever's chipped his shoulder, just makes Gambino sound Childish.

  • Suq Madiq

    Pitchfork is terrible they gave take care 8.6/10 and camp is 100x better

  • languagegame

     pitchfork is whack, you ever try to make it through their recommended albums?? baddddd

  • Justsaying

    That was one of the most one sided biased reviews that I have ever read. 

  • Delusionalbehaviour

    smh dude. 

  • Delusionalbehaviour

    smh! Have you ever read Pitchfork? Drake got 8.6, he isn't crazy or hood. 

  • Ty Palmer

    Never really repeated a Gambino song untilt his

  • JamDelVamp

    He doesnt "hate" White people dude. Like seriously? "Never let these White people tell you how to feel" he doesnt mean all, but the White people that believe that all "niggers" should do is be Black and eat chicken, have kids and collect government checks. He means ignorant White people, im sure you can relate.

  • TRU

    Dick. That's a Gambino lyric, you turd. Get widdit.

  • Matt Zieminski

    he probably not black so he cant relate