The Weeknd – Coachella 2012 Performance

The Weeknd's set at Coachella has just been concluded and the streamable version of their performance is already hitting the net. With material from his mixtapes and his collaborations with fellow Toronto native Drake, Abel Tesfaye delivered a solid performance which should further heat up the anticipation for his upcoming tour. Watch it above.

By: Petar Kujundzic / Live / April 16, 2012 / 12410 Views

    See you next weeknd.

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  • ilohan

    he should have played 'next' because it would have been so so very ironical

  • Barron Roth

    Was DD the only song off Echoes of Silence he played?

  • Solsupreme

    A Sea of White Kids

  • guest

    He did Outside

  • Vcheung

    i feel the emotion. 

  • Jord▲n D▲▼!$

    Coachella's mics are fucking terrible.

  • Javier Pantoja Hernandez

    Vancouver, Commodore Ballroom, May 12th!!!!

  • 75385

    the zone was terrible

  • Damnya

    wow man his pitch is so inconsistent!

    if u have any musical training u can hear that shit .  rough

  • Darklight

    That's the difference between studio and live performance

  • Sdfa

    that dude isnt even playing the guitar.. I like the weeknd and I've been diggin the use of live bands lately for rap/r&b acts (ryan leslie did it well), but having a fake band is whack

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  • ruarealfan

    don't be so picky! that was was an  incredible performance from such a young artist, despite the nerves.

  • Hedonotsing

    somebody should teach him how to sing live.

  • Angel DjKyd Raigoza

    not gonna lye he needs to work on his stage voice, considering everything im still looking forward to seeing him in ft luaderdale

  • Iou1


  • Kern

    That's most likely due to him not being comfortable performing with a band because on the very last song when it was him and the guitarist playing acoustic, He was damn near perfect

  • Jarren


  • jov


  • jov

    Hmm, maybe I'm glad I missed out on tickets to the Vancouver show. Let's give this guy a couple years to practice his pitch with a live band.

  • xv

    yet he's the one closing coachella & you're behind a desk

  • Willie Potter

    idk why yall complaining so much... he improved so much from his previous performances... he's opening up more now and it's a great thing. Talented singer and the next big thing

  • Bonetiks

    you diehard fans are hilarious!! He sounds horrible bottom line. Just goes to show that despite the miracles that are done in the studio doesn't mean you can sing. Without the compression, pitch correction, over processed reverb and delays his vocals are far below sub par.   

  • RobbinHood

    Cool story

  • Hetal

    Coachella has some of the best live sound I've ever heard (yes, I was there).  It's just that the Weeknd isn't a very seasoned performer yet.

  • setkid

    maxwell of 2012

  • Chronic

    You cant just make up words

  • ChrisR0d

    He's not a traditional singer by any means, he's got his own style. The Weeknd has a chill kinda vibe, and singly loudly isn't really complementary to it.  Either way he's closed out at Coachella and had the whole crowd vibin. 

  • ruarealfan

    wft? sounds horrible? you must be deaf. there were some slip ups but overall he really did well, the crowd was really hyped too. they would have thrown tomatoes at him if he horrible. u just hating man.

  • bigfatchodez

     ironical is a word dude

  • i went to coachella

     he didnt close coachella... o.O