Santigold cites meditation as cure for her writer’s block

It’s been almost four years to-the-day since Santigold released her debut album Santogold (formerly self-titled prior to the minor name spelling change), and the Philadelphia native recently discussed one of the reasons behind the prolonged timeframe of her sophomore album Master Of My Make Believe to be created. In a conversation with The Scotsman, Santigold cited having the dreaded ‘writer’s block’ due to exhaustion from touring and resorted to transcendental meditation in order to alleviate the problem.

"All of a sudden I was the most confident person in the world. You get given a mantra, one word, which you repeat to yourself. I can’t tell you what mine is, I don’t think it actually has a meaning, but saying it over and over brought me confidence, clarity and calm and made me think: ‘I can do this'."

Master Of My Make Believe is out now on iTunes.