Radiohead – Coachella 2012 Performance

As one of this year's headliners, Radiohead's gig at Coachella was highly anticipated. With two hours of stage presence, Thom Yorke and company did the anticipation more than justice with live versions of "Karma Police" and "Pyramid Song," as well as some cuts off of their recent The King of Limbs offering. Watch the entire performance above and see the set list below (via Radiohead At Ease).

Radiohead - Coachella Setlist

01 Bloom
02 15 Step
03 Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
04 Morning Mr Magpie
05 Staircase
06 The Gloaming
07 Pyramid Song
08 The Daily Mail
09 Myxomatosis
10 Karma Police
11 Identikit
12 Lotus Flower
13 There There
14 Bodysnatchers
15 Idioteque