President Barack Obama prefers Jay-Z over Kanye West

It is no secret that President Barack Obama has been appreciating the hip-hop culture. He now has made another statement that will sure keep the media and the industry talking. In an interview for prior to a pair of fundraisers, the President was asked which rapper he prefers from The Throne, Jay-Z or Kanye West. He replied:

"Jay-Z, although I like Kanye. He's a Chicago guy. Smart. He's very talented."

The interviewer even went one step further and added the question: "Even though you called him a jackass?", referring to the 2009 incident in which the President was caught on camera having some not so charming words for Yeezy after taking the spotlight from Taylor Swift at the MTV Video Music Awards. The President kept his cool and added with a wink, "He is a jackass, but he's talented."

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Source: HipHop DX

By: Petar Kujundzic / News / April 13, 2012 / 5838 Views
  • BeingCharlie

    Nigga is loiterin' just to feel important..

  • dnwilliams


  • toiletsss

    Rocking Etymotics.

  • Mj_Hovito

    Jay-z got Obama that extra black vote of course hes gonna prefer Jay

  • Witness to Change

    That mans face to the music of Watch The Throne seems hilarious.

  • Myownfear1983

    Buck Ofama.

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  • Justin Xerri

    jay made a huge contribution to his last campaign 

  • Gabriel Kao

    Well that’s a pretty bad way to start the conversation!

  • You Douche

    You do know Kanye is black too, right?

  • Antwon gee note

    "Obama, I'm really happy for you, but Bill Clinton was the best president in the world"

  • myemailisprivate

    Dear Hypetrack,

    Is there any way you can implement "dislike" buttons?

  • guest

    you gon' see lawyers and niggas in jordan… js =.=

  • RB