Pete Doherty working on new album

Pete Doherty has announced plans to release a solo album in the near future. In a conversation with NME, the former Libertines and Babyshambles frontman revealed that he has recorded 12 songs ready for the LP. According to Doherty, he still owes EMI a new record and recruited the talents of producer Adem Hilmi.

"Ikeep getting told that we're [his solo team] under obligation to fulfill the contract with EMI, so we're looking to put a new album together. His name [the producer] is Adem Hilmi and he works at Slaughterhouse Studios in Harlesden. He's taken my hard drive with a view to putting this album together. It'll be 12 songs."

It is confirmed that the followup project to his 2009 solo offering Grace/Wastelands, which was produced by Blur and Smiths cohort Stephen Street, will feature tracks like "Gambling Man" and "Cell Ceiling Blues."