Nicki Minaj discusses leaving the game with Tim Westwood

Nicki Minaj to call it quits? That's been the focal point of discussion this past week for Nicki Minaj, as the Queens native has been on several media outlets discussing the possibilities of her just calling it quits. Just days ago she shut down her Twitter page and today she sits down with Tim Westwood to speak a little more on the situation. Check that out above as we present to you this question, would the game be missing something with Nicki Minaj gone or benefit from her absence?

By: Davis Huynh / Interviews / April 24, 2012 / 1561 Views
  • Ajclassicjunior

    good riddance 

  • lockstockedd

    as my good friend used to say, "quit while you're still behind"

  • Mr.Ashley

    the "black lady gaga"/ I'm crazy thing failed .

  • Trina

    the hip hop game would backtrack to irrelevancy and possibly fully die without her. all rappers have the same contrived subject matter, flow and lyrical content(gangs, violence, sex, drugs, rugged self absorbancy, even conscientious rappers stay inside) . its boring, but then nicki comes along and ventures outside of the box with everything, finally! and i'm not talking about her fashion. if she leaves then there goes the evolution of hip hop. no one can change their flow like her, no one brings the same subject matter, no one is as witty, no one can rap to dance beats like she can. so all these haters up in here should release their stress by fucking themselves instead of hating on blogs ^_^

  • Riri*Aiko

     Her album is number one in many different countries, especially the US. And the previous album was the number 1 best selling rap album from a female artist ever. So I don't understand the reasoning behind your comment. She's breaking so many records, so who is she behind?

  • keysOD

    this was painful to watch.

  • Bob Sagat

    this girlie is bonkers. and i'm really wishin' i could bonk her.

  • Paz

    addition by subtraction -Andy "The Office"

  • AS

    - Beez in the Trap
    - Stupid Hoe
    - Starships
    These are what your idea of what it means to "change the rap game." She was promising early on, but now she's devolved into a substance less rapper who's sole purpose is to see how much she can "shock" her audience and now she's complaining because you put out a top 40 album that people really don't want to listen to. Sorry do you and when you're ready to make good music maybe people will care




  • lockstockedd

    Hoping I wouldn't have to explain it. I guess my pun work wasn't as strong as I thought. I was making an allusion to her hefty posterior.

    Obviously she has had outstanding success. (That's why I played off the quit while you're ahead phrase.) Especially for someone of her marginal talent level. Honestly, if I was her I would not quit the game. I would milk this fame for all it is worth. Her shock value, inflection work on verses, and aforementioned posterior will only take her so far and so long. I don't see her gaining a long lasting following that would allow her to have a steady revenue stream for the future. 

  • lockstockedd

    This guy is probably trolling. I mean, putting up subject matter as an argument for her.

  • Shynobi

    1. Happy she not making any more 'music'
    2. I'm going to miss 'dat ass doh'

  • OJ_Homer_Simpson

    She's losing it... Fuck female Weezy, more like female Charles Hamilton. 

  • Gabriel Robert Thomas

    tim westwood is a corny ass fuck lmao. and nicki minaj killyoself

  • Ammar H


  • Stephen Hurst

    she should act 

  • riri*aiko

     yeah, subject matter. the original themes contained in her lyrics as oppose to violence, guns, gangs, that every "rapper" out there can't stem away from. and thats only one argument. on top of that, no rapper out there can flow like she can. she can change up her style within a heart beat. don't be a hater, especially a hater who doesn't know what you're talkin about.

  • riri*aiko

     good job. you named three songs. you're so intelligent. i really liked the way you absolutely ignored any specific analysis on any criteria within her or anyone's music period.

    i wonder why her album is number 1 if people don't want to listen to it?? hmmm...not just top 40, but #1. next time it would be nice if you knew what you were talking about.

  • Trina

     the equation for staying relevant through time is the ability to change and perform through shock value and by being business savvy.  cher...madonna....and nicki does have the formula down.

  • Guest

    I hope this "girl" dies soon in a painful way.

  • Matt Zieminski

    she really is fucking jarring, she cant string a sentence either