M.I.A. to compose music for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange

In what is surely becoming one of the most fitting clash of forces, M.I.A. has linked with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange for his new television show, The World Tomorrow. Set to premiere on April 17 on the English-language Russian station RT, the show will feature Assange's interviews he conducted during his house arrest during the past two months. It aims to highlight "the most interesting and controversial people alive in the world today," including "politicians, revolutionaries, intellectuals, artists and visionaries" to present a "revolutionary spirit." On this note, Assange has recruited the Vicki Leekx singer (pun intended) to compose original music to soundtrack. M.I.A. did not hide her enthusiasm for his project as she revealed on Twitter today, "julian assange borrowed my computer last week , im still FREAKING OUT !!!!!" One can only assume what kind of sound M.I.A. will come through with this engagement.