Justin Bieber in the studio with Kanye West

It appears that Justin Bieber is making sure his forthcoming album Believe is hitting the market right as he is recruiting the biggest names in the industry to contribute to the piece, which is due June 19. Accordingly, a picture of the 18-year-old singer joining forces in the studio with none other than Kanye West in NYC on Friday night has emerged. Although both artists have collaborated before, this sure offers plenty of room for discussion. Hence, leave your thoughts on this clash of forces in the comment section below.

By: Petar Kujundzic / News / April 28, 2012 / 5153 Views
  • Papendiaye

    horrible collab

  • BLVCK golfwang

    where did you hear it? 

  • Confusion

    the fuck?
    this cannot be.

  • http://twitter.com/groundmedia ground

    Kustin Weiber

  • http://www.jiggabits.com Lolly D.

    I mean... I know people will be mad.  But that's seriously going to be a good collaboaration

  • http://twitter.com/beetzbymE Beatzbym.E.

    kids got talent cant hate on that and YE obviously sees it

  • Mj_Hovito

    This makes me cringe. Horribly 

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  • Jakandjil

     justin collaborating with this dumbass....eek

  • Iliy Naidenoff

    ... i hope Ye makes him a shit ass beat!

  • http://www.facebook.com/flipelican Fli Pelican ClothesCo

    Ye makes s#it richer. 

  • http://twitter.com/MrWellingtonINC Mathew D. Wellington

    theyve collaborated before runnaway love it was a good friday track n it was decent as fuck

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  • Eric_dixon94

    I lost all respect for Kanye now. He works with Beiber instead of ppl like Curren$y, K.R.I.T., Action Bronson, etc.

  • http://twitter.com/AHHMONTEA ahhmontea

    JB can sing he can really sing. Why wouldnt you wanna produce for cats "like" Justin Timberlake at the beginning of there career. 

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  • Banksy

    fuck action bronson

  • Eric_dixon94

    Fuck your dead grandmother.

  • faggot

    god youre name annoys the shit out of me..you fuckin OF ASAP dick rider..go suck there cocks you fuckin loser



  • Eric_dixon94

    Gay. -____________________________-

  • Mugen_EtE

    Relevant name...

  • northenglish

    ummmmmmmmm wheres i dont like????????????????

  • That lady from your church

    That was uncalled for and very unnecessary . grandmothers + all family members are off limits .*exception : girlfriends . You should be ashamed of yourself Eric . Is that how your mother or in this case "grandmother" raised you ? too be a rude little boy with no manners ? Don't be a asstroll .....

  • Eric_dixon94

    -_- Please eat the FATTEST DICK you can find in your town for me... please & thank you?

  • Fag

    Thanks for the deals nig.

  • muhammadalias

    more money in the bank

  • Yomomma

    16 years old and such a big mouth, it just fits a fattest dick in your mouth perfectly. U used to suck Ye's dick all the time, now he betrayed u huh? QQ u ass motherfucker. Ur respect is his ass shit fan who doesn't need ur fucking respect. Go suck ur mom's tits before I punch ur fucking face out of this hypetrak u bitch.

  • MxPoint

    Will be good.

  • Eric_dixon94

    @0a67b59af9526e87ed99dba971de0a07:disqus First of all you 12 yr old bitch. I have'nt like a Kanye record since Diamonds Are Forever. Never bought any of his albums. I listen to none of these mainstream fucks unlike you. I probably have more knowledge about music than you would ever know... you're so defensive??? Why? Because you sit in our room at night, repeat his lyrics to flashing lights & put your toes in your mouth?

  • Anonymous

     lmfao eric is zinging all off you

  • UrMumma


  • eric_swallows

     How could you have more knowledge when you're so narrow minded? You don't listen to any mainstream which means that someone who listens to both underground and mainstream knows more since you deprive yourself. At the end of the day JB can squash you with his wallet and no one would care or even miss your ignorant ass

  • boron

    I really don't know what talent are you talking about. Can't hate on that.

  • Guest

    justin bieber still sucks

  • Alfonzo

    you can't hate