Hit-Boy speaks on producing “Theraflu”

With the internet going into a frenzy following the release of Kanye West and DJ Khaled's "Theraflu," Hit-Boy, the producer of the tune, sat down with MTV and shared how the stars aligned and the track came to be. The beat was originally given to Khaled from Hit-Boy, who then turned around and pass to Kanye West. Still there's no word on where the song will end up, but we're sure that will be sorted out soon.

By: Richard Brooks / Interviews / April 7, 2012 / 4574 Views
  • Deky_g

    not theraflu is it though? mistaken with mercy

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_4CVTX6FVAQQ2QD2GZA6P7BKQVE Chester

    mercy was produced by lifted. whoever the fuck that is.

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  • http://twitter.com/conorfkilroy CK

    this is why dj khaled serves literally no purpose but to yell over songs. what exactly did he do that hit boy couldn't?

  • http://twitter.com/conorfkilroy CK

    this is why dj khaled serves literally no purpose but to yell over songs. what exactly did he do that hit boy couldn't?

  • Yost

    This beat is so simple. You just have to be a popular producer and have one true hit. Good luck upcoming producers.

  • JCZ

    New GOOD Music producer

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  • Jarrett Jack

    go to Drake's bar mitzvah

  • Jarrett Jack

    said like a true sour unsuccessful producer 

  • philliam

    hit-boy has spoken

  • Yost

    First off Jarrett Jack your team sucks and will not make it to the playoffs, Grievis Vasquez should start over you cause he see's the court better.

    Second, I'm not a producer, I'm a DJ who, listens to hit's and has a inside scoop on what sells to the mainstream. Hit-Boy made a simple beat, straightforward listen to the progression, and if any production changes, efx, chords, instrumentation. There's little if any, a simple running loop, a few drums, claps,  bkg vocals. Walah!!! 

    The only thing is the name of the artist on the record, if you threw Joey Flacco from southside BK on there, they'll say it's a rip off a old Dipset beat or something.

  • Bluthstein

    His Bar-Mitzvah was pretty gay.

  • Bryceg

    i heard another dope producer travis scott touch that record too 

  • Jarrett Jack

    Oh, you listen to hit's and have an inside scoop on what sells to the mainstream? Tell me how special you are. 
    First off, I worked hard to get into the NBA and Im getting more money and girls than you.
    Second, talk to me when you work with Kanye. 

  • Drake

    Come suck my jewish dick 

  • Yost

    I'm very special thank you, I rode a short yellow bus in elementary.

    Note: I'm going on a date tomorrow and I'm excited it's been two years, I think she's cute, but personality is still up in the  air. (finger crossed)

  • Hodgy Beatz

    are you really going to disagree with what "Yost" is saying about how simple , cheap & cheesy this beat is ? It's so fruity loops/soudclick 2 for $10 .....

  • hit(ler)-boy

    circumcised fo shooooo...

  • Bruva


  • Hd

    so tell me... what the fuck does 'dj' khaled even do? his name is on the song he contributes nothing, barely vocals and hasn't even produced it. Hes just the man passing the beat to yeezus

  • Someonewhoactuallyhasashot

    Ya'll are stupid as f*ck. The beats arrangement may be simple but you're missing the main point of any good beat/recording. Did you notice the space of the drums? It's more complicated than just slapping a reverb on. Did you consider where the drums may have even come from?. They could have been sampled from an actual kit and then processed. The acoustics of the room you choose to create a beat even plays a part. $10? I've heard enough POS beats on sound cloud to know this beat is high quality. I feel sorry for you "Producers" who don't get it. You guys are beat makers, not producers. There is an incredible difference.