A$AP Rocky – Goldie (Produced by Hit-Boy)

While some mistakenly shared the track A$AP Rocky premiered Saturday at Coachella titled “Thuggin’ Noise” as being "Goldie,"  the A$AP Mob quickly informed fans of the correction. While calling in to Angie Martinez today at Hot 97, Rocky let loose his highly anticipated single, produced by G.O.O.D. Music signee Hit-Boy, and also shared that he'll be headlining the Hot 97's 2012 Summer Jam. "Goldie" is the first single off of Rocky's upcoming debut LongLiveA$AP album, set to release in July. Click here for the download, stream it down below and also check out the video courtesy of MTV2's Sucker Free where Rocky and Hit-Boy both discuss working on the track.

A$AP Rocky & Hit-Boy on their new track "Goldie"
By: Richard Brooks / Tracks / April 16, 2012 / 9068 Views
  • @thedjbarca

    Download..nice.  @thedjbarca

  • Foriron

    I expected something that went a bit harder.

  • http://twitter.com/martensight schmang it

    Gold grillin

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  • Bones Jackson


  • Bones Jackson

     well not trash..but underwhelming

  • keysOD

    Maybe not first single caliber, but still a solid track imo.

  • Truth

    Are all of you nuts? This is the first real single from someone who is going to be one of the most relevant artists in this era. Its a fuckin banger, and i guarantee that all of you will love this in a few days minimum, right about the time its going to get played out.

  • Dannyb

    wow this is average, sorry ASAP's raps are so ehhhh, Hit-Boy let me down, damn make another Hit-Boy, or be a one hit wonder sonny.

  • keysOD

    Agreed. It's good to see an artist as new as ASAP already evolving.

  • Naija

    what is this garbage?

  • Fandango

    same here , this felt soft compared to what he's put out already . sounds like a mixtape filler .

  • Jwj198

    Shit goes hard. Fuck what they said. 

  • Project K

    Nas lost

  • http://twitter.com/ajuveli Alec


  • http://delusionalbehaviour.tumblr.com/ Delusionalbehaviour

    Dope track, but maybe not first single material. 

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  • Meow

    This is good but I can't help but realize he's jacking OF's swag. 

  • Chase

    He really, really isn't.

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  • Mofocka

    This is the most retarded comment after the ones saying that the song doesn't go 'hard' same pricks'll come back posting it on Facebook.

  • http://twitter.com/groundmedia ground

    got zion i / mos def spices to the delivery 

  • http://twitter.com/YouBitchBitch quincy.q.powell

    if this is the single, this nigga numbers are gonna be weak

  • HologramBenStein

     Ya'll build up such high for expectations for every new artist who doesn't warrant that kinda hype. Rocky isn't a super lyrical dude. He's an artist who has good flow, and a penchant for nice clothing while sporting a weed/syrup diet.
    The beat is super dope, ya'll are tripping if you think otherwise, because that sample if i'm not mistaken is the same as Peso, and the chops are nice as fuck.

  • Bob Sagat

    what does that even mean?

  • Bob Sagat

    this beat bangs.

  • vlado


  • Hennessy&Dour

    Thats not a sample.. Thats hitboy playing those notes...The only sample is the drums on the intro and hooks.