?uestlove discusses Jay Electronica LP

While many will continue to wonder if Jay Electronica will ever release his highly-anticipated debut album, The Roots drummer ?uestlove takes some time out to give a somewhat update on the long-awaited LP. While ?uest sat down for an interview with The Champs (Neal Brennan, Moshe Kasher and DJ Douggpound), he spoke about how the album is completed and Jay-Z said it's his favorite record of 2012 and has it in constant rotation. The main problem with the record is that it still has no singles, so fans will have to continue to wait for the release. While it's definitely great news to hear that there is an album complete and someone is enjoying it, the day that everyone will be able to is still but a dream.  Check out the segment of the interview where they discuss "Black Geniuses" which leads into further information about the album down below.

Source: Rap Radar

By: Richard Brooks / Interviews / March 16, 2012 / 2250 Views
  • Derekjones2025


  • HI!


  • Come on world

    why is it so necessary to drop a wack song for the dummies if the whole album is cool? is real music a memory of the past?

  • http://flavors.me/dnwilliams dnwilliams

    It's this kind of thinking that diluted Yelawolf and J Cole's releases. If the album is hot, people will love it, we don't need a single that sounds like what's already on heavy rotation.

    Feels crazy to question Jay Z, but with that reasoning I kinda do. J Elec can sell out on his sophomore if he has to.

  • Sweetdickwillie

    from the sound of it, this album could have major influence on the industry, making it clear that quality music is enough to sell records.

    but that wouldn't be in jay-z's best interest. the way the the industry is now, he is making more money by putting out his own formulaic, uninspired shit. putting this jay electronica album out with no pop singles would force jay-z to step his game up to a level he is probably incapable of.

  • http://www.alphakidd.com Alpha Kidd

    this is fuckin sad. for real. Imma a fan of both jay z and elect, but c'mon. IF ITS TRUE that Jay Z and label heads want singles then thats retarded. I understand the singles/radio play game, but its Jay Electronica. He's gained momentum by doing what he does.

    I hope the album gets dropped soon, in the form it was originally intended to be. 

  • ThaMayor

    you guys should actually download the interview - very introspective.
    Never realized  how calculating questlove has been to stay afloat all these years.

    jay-elec will never have a “single” single. At best, he’ll be able to muster the buzz of someone like a frank ocean — if he’s lucky. But Jay is used to “movements” - he needs an artist with a feeling of a movement happening behind him.  

    And though Electronica makes deeply emotional music, he doesn’t make stadium filling music.