Tyga featuring Lil Wayne – Faded

Tyga just seems to have a knack for making hit singles, as his latest welcomes assistance from his Young Money captain Lil Wayne. This visuals for the Careless World featured track take things in a rather humorous direction, noting the pair of emcees decked out in big-headed animation. We didn't really expect this route, but it works quite well, actually. What do you think?

By: Jonathan Sawyer / Video / March 19, 2012 / 5066 Views
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  • http://twitter.com/reginvld Reginald Cooper 


  • Bambam

    ridicolous cencorship.. what the FUCK is wrong with america?!

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  • coldtee

    what's wrong with america is that it's filled with doodlebops who can't spell the words ridiculous or censorship

  • coldtee

    oh, you're foreign as fuck. sorry for ridicoling your comment about these bullshit cencors. #fartlife2013

  • http://twitter.com/Sperry_World Tyree Ari Gold.


  • Bluthstein


  • Goodfella419

    Lame AF, TYGA I thought you were different... fuck Wayne, Cash Money, and Young Money.

    G.O.O.D. Music album > YMCMB Album

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  • Bob Sagat

    there you go again, being a dick.

  • guest

    "spit a lot of meh over jams of the year"

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  • coldtee

    dingleberg? it's all love bruhhhhhhh

  • coldtee

    why is that dickish? people should be able to spell those fucking words. we shouldn't turn a blind eye to stupidity. hop off or pop off you ho ass trick

  • J S

    coldtee get the fuck off the internet and get a job. I know america's recession is still on, but EVERYTIME I log on HT you make the shittest tracks appear in the popular section *middle finger*! ... #doobledops #Binglederg #fartlife2012 same old jokes

  • Goodfella419

    And you're one of our All-American Retards right? You know the ones who think that the whole interwebs is the US of A?

  • coldtee

    nah cuh, i corrected myself below. but all american retards is the perfect name for my new emo-core dubstep side project. thanks bro!!!!!

  • coldtee

    @google-9923d471d97a2f32131035d5997f3f0f:disqus pssshhshs. our national economy is on the upswing. take some time outta your day and listen to some limbaugh, you may learn something you slut. and it's #fartlife2013. post apocalyptic neo-futurist excrement tossers. duh bruh!?!?!

  • HPKZ

    I swear when I first heard of Tyga I thought he would be the kind of rapper that would deliver content. Being Travis' cousin and all I expected him to think out of the box and be original and shit, but that kid managed to concentrate all of the most retarded, ignorant, wackass aspects of today's rap culture into his music.

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  • Bob Sagat

    because every time i see a comment from you, you're trolling. this isn't a fucking english class, it's the internet. go get some pussy and quit being a sour ass bitch.