Kendrick Lamar & Top Dawg Ent. sign with Aftermath / Interscope

After consistently putting quality music for the past several years, Kendrick Lamar and Black Hippy have officially finalized a deal with Interscope Records and Dr. Dre's Aftermath Entertainment. Kendrick's studio debut album, Good Kid In A Mad City, will be released together by Top Dawg Entertainment, Aftermath and Interscope, while projects by other Black Hippy members Schoolboy Q, Ab-Soul, and Jay Rock will be offered collaboratively by Top Dawg and Interscope. Additional information about the deal are set to release soon, but this is definitely great news so far. Congratulations.

Source: The FADER

By: Richard Brooks / News / March 9, 2012 / 2991 Views
  • Javier Pantoja Hernandez


  • ZTGiby

    stay true to music and dont sell out!

  • SamHake


  • kazin

    can someone explain to me how kendricks next album is his debut album? im a bit confused, i thought section.80 was his major label debut

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  • Gabriel Kao

    From what I understand, Section.80 was only sold through iTunes, making it more like a paid mix tape than an album. A debut album generally has physical copies sold to stores, just like how WZRD's new album is a debut album because there were physical copies shipped out.

  • Hodgy Beatz

    I'm happy for them , they got mad skills ....

  • Mike gnomesayin bro

     section 80 was a mixtape


    Nigga's found out that I fuck wit 'Dre
    Now they wanna tell me I made it
    Nigga, I ain't made shit
    If he gave me a handout,
    ima take his wrist and BREAK IT!


  • Mayateech

    Section 80 was a street album sold through iTunes.

  • Robbie Beveridge-Pearson

    Don't exactly understand how you can quote his lyrics insinuating this is a hand out, especially lyrics from Section .80. If you ask me Kendrick WORKED for this shit. Think that's more what he was getting at, not like he was popping up as a feature on every pop chart track with a big name for a mediocre hook. 

  • mr_deuce

    Shots fried at Drake?

  • guest

    Kendrick said in an interview that he didn't want to work with dre he wanted create his own stuff. I hope this doesn't  effect that.

  • mr_deuce


  • hash

    TDE signed a joint deal with Interscope and Aftermath not Kendrick directly. So maybe its not all bad if you're thinking he'll sell out?

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