Odd Future – Oldie

Odd Future’s seemingly impromptu visual for “Oldie” takes place during their recent photoshoot with esteemed photographer Terry Richardson. As one might expect, the clip turns out to be an entertaining and comical watch. The 10-minute track features among others long-term OFWGKTA absentee Earl Sweatshirt, a rapping Frank Ocean, and Jasper Dolphin blurting out “I don’t know my verse!” – watch the hilarity unfold in the clip above. "Oldie" closes out Odd Future's new LP The OF Tape Vol. 2, which is available today on iTunes.

By: Aymen Ahmed / Video / March 20, 2012 / 6738 Views
  • http://twitter.com/reginvld Reginald Cooper 

    This is their best video yet.

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  • Loading…

    Oldie is super dope....I like cheese

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  • http://twitter.com/AskGeebz Ammar H

    So chill haha.

  • M!stro

    Super Cool


    it's nice to see friends make it as friends

  • http://goodclo.tumblr.com/ GOOD

    so happy to see the crew reunited

  • S0913916

    Earls lips can suck africas problems away

  • LyricallyHB

    DOPE. AS. FUCK. I love how Ocean just stands around and sips that smoothie for most of the video haha

  • Murry36

    they should make a proper video 4 this track... but this is good

  • Bob Sagat

    man haters can hate but these kids are awesome. just doin' what they do wit they crew. 

  • http://twitter.com/Dj_Etribe Eric Bar


  • http://flavors.me/dnwilliams dnwilliams


  • EARL


  • ilohan

    ocean just doesn't seeem  to fit in remotely

  • McSwagger

    the new hip hop

  • ya boy

    anyone know what that hat is that domos wearing, shit dope

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  • Jimmy

    Too true

  • http://twitter.com/reginvld Reginald Cooper 

    his swag levels are off the charts.

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  • Fadff

    what a weak ass line up, might as well of put lucas and taco in there sheet

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Hacomar-Diepa-Perdomo/1361624320 Hacomar Diepa Perdomo

    he his the eldest brother so he is setting the example for when there are grown up

  • Yitzy305

    its in terry richardson studio

  • james jebbia

    supreme from fall/winter '09

  • http://twitter.com/FouadBenaya فؤاد


  • ya boy

    i dont think it is, i just checked

  • fuckyouall

    Best video they ever made. so aweseom to see them all rip it on an awesome track. OF Tape 2 is ok, but this song makes it fucking amazing

  • fuckyouall

    so true

  • SJM

    he is so underrated...

  • Tomnook12

    whos that white kid lol

  • kgnyc

     its in Milk studios, studio 3.

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