No Malice tells Pusha T “Stop Picking on Drake”

It looks like big bro is telling little bro to lay off of Drake these days. During a recent interview with BET, No Malice was asked about his thoughts on the lyrical jabs and disses between his little bro (Pusha T) and Drake. His response:

“I want Pusha to stop picking on Drake, I like Drake. Yeah I like Drake, yo.”

This all took place last year when Pusha T released a freestyle over Drake's “Dreams Money Can Buy” instrumental, and it appeared to be a direct jab at the Toronto native. Pusha T has denied all reports that it was directed towards him, but many have thought otherwise which leads us to this question: why is Drake a target?

Source: XXL

By: Davis Huynh / News / March 30, 2012 / 3717 Views
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  • Kenji_21

    Its lonely at the top.

  • Guest

     sadly he isnt at the top.
    getting there, but far from it.

  • Torosnegros

    Since this is always going to be a matter of opinion, who do you think is at the 'top' then?  Why don't YOU put it out there so that other know-it-alls can criticize YOUR opinions?

  • Javier Pantoja Hernandez

    He`s a target because Drake is very comfortable with who he is, he expresses that in his music. Not many rappers/singers have songs about sour relaitionships, lost loved ones, family issues, etc. So for others to be almost "jealous" with what he is able to do since he had never given himself the image of "Gangster" or "Tough Guy" is very normal. Plus the competetive part of Rap has to always be there, always.

  • Real Dude.

     yo there's a TON of rappers who rap about those same things, bro. since the very beginning. wtf, LL Cool J to start, and he's one of the earliest seminal rappers. Drake ain't shit but a popular dude

  • d00dl3z

    $O$ is gonna be at the tippity top within a year

    inb4 havnt heard of them because they dont broadcast themselves

  • Vcheung

    but popular ain't bad. just cause the mainstream like someone, doesn't mean the artist mainstream.  lets not have hipster attitudes.  music can be universal

  • Jamila Wallace

    "just cause the mainstream like someone, doesn't mean the artist mainstream."

    *skeptical squint*

  • dejan savicevic

    ...who you kiddin?

  • Dark Man baby

    Drake claims he's the "best rapper alive".

    If I was a rapper (and still alive) I'd challenge that. Simples. 

    Many rappers (Mos Def etc.) just rhyme and don't give themselves titles - and they get along fine... But Drake wants to carry the cross, without knowing it's a dog eat dog world

  • Tremayne

    this comment is entirely bulcrap because evey gangster rapper or tough guy has been doing this shit long before drake joe budden kanye ja rule 50 cent tribe called quest the roots...cmon son hes a target because hes fuckin soft and a diva mf its cool to express your feelings but all this dude does is cry about this stripper that broke his heart or that dude that has it in for him bottom line... lame

  • Tremayne

    *skeptical squint* lol exactly what i was thinking... the only thing ill jamila is that we do have a twisted view that prevents any great artist from being mainstream and still being great

  • LOLZ

    Yeah ... that's why ..... 



  • Craig

    LOL how is Pusha T in any position to be picking on Drake???? Drake is not only one of the top rappers out there, but one of the top artists out there period. That point does not require a lengthy defense, because it is glaringly obvious to anyone who follows current pop culture and music news. The only thing significant I ever remember Pusha T doing is featuring in Runaway. Sounds like a jealousy issue. 

  • Ghostface Killah

    this isnt about "pop culture and music news". we are talking about hip hop and how drake is a soft poser boy which is why the 'real' hip hop artists like common and pusha are going after him. drake is a talented guy but dont come on here with your narrow minded pop orientated views. pusha never done anything significant?? lol. bet you never even heard of clipse
    educate urself please Craig



  • Bossalinis

    Dude, you're a fucking idiot.

  • Craig

    I'm sorry, but you sound like an idiot. First of all, who are you to make a distinction between real and fake hip hop. I'm not really sure what this means, but I'm pretty sure last time I checked Drake was classified as a hip hop artist. This goes to the comment where you say he is a poseur as well, because I'm pretty sure to be a poseur you have to be faking something, but I don't see how you can fake being a great hip hop artist. Second, I said nothing about Common, who is a decent artist, but clearly nowhere near the level of Drake. I said something about Pusha, who if you have listened to his last two "fear of god albums" and haven't realized he is a joke, then you are literally a moron. Third, how can you deduce that I have "narrow minded pop oriented views". Every hip hop artist you have mentioned, for instance pusha t and common as well as the one in your handle, Ghostface (who is one of the most popular hiphop artists ever) are pop artists. So I don't understand why its any different for me to defend Drake over them. Drake is just as good and almost as popular of an artist as Ghostface, so don't give me any of that "wu tang made it on their own with out the help of a mainstream record label BS". Take Care perhaps isn't on par with Supreme Clientele, but it's close. Pusha T sounded good on beautiful dark twisted fantasy, but thats about it. And I don't understand why Kanye continues to have faith in him, when he blows ass. Although Kanye also said he thinks Kid Cudi is the greatest living artist, which is a joke as well. Last, you are telling me to educate myself, but you don't even know me, and I most likely know more about the history of music then your brain is capable of handling.

  • Craig

    lol Die Antwoord is a joke. 

  • Craig

    Also, I do know Clipse and almost every single mixtape he has dropped has been garbage, with perhaps one or two exceptions. 

  • Craig

    Sure, everyone loved Hell Hath No Fury, but what has Clipse done since then?

  • BitchesCALLmeHandsomeSquidward

    So tell us how you really feel?

  • Andrewtheiconic Web

    The truth is you hate Drake because you feel like he is being forced onto 

    you like he is a big force or something but you are quick to show your 

    opinionated insecurities when you judge. 

    When I decided to start being a fan of Drake I downloaded all of his music 

    and made a 'personal' judgement that I felt he was a good musician and 

    kept it to that. 

    I never tried to 'force' my view's on others for positive or negative 

    gain I just kept it moving. If he is rubbish and a pussy and really a rich 

    kid then, why do you care? I don't know about anyone else but If I see 

    someone I don't like my mind doesn't write a paragraph of opinion on 

    them, I just keep it moving.

    Pusha T is good but he is not a person of all round influence and to be a 

    big trendsetter you have think way above the realm of Hip Hop, you have

    to think about music diplomatically. Pusha-T is essentially a crack dealer

    who speaks well and who is going to relate to that a few kids who like to 

    hear another 'well versed' narrow minded musician such as Pusha talk. 

    I could question the level of cocaine that Pusha-T has really handled, 

    so who is he to have an opinion on talk he also claims he is the best.

    Drake just wants to be free in what he says and hopes people relate if he 

    wants to act hard, so what. He became famous for being confident in what

    he says and thats what counts.

  • muhammadalias

    Just wait. Time will tell if Drake still keeps going. Im bidding 2 bucks that he will not survive long. Just like the whole YMCMB and his nasty lover Minaj. Real hip-hop will be back. But i'm kinda sick of this Drake beefing trend. Leave the poor kid alone and just do good music.

  • phesus of spazareth

    I want y'all to stop picking on drake, no malice like drake. yeah he like drake, yo